Gift Spotlight – Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones

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We are a family that consumes media at an astonishing rate. It is not uncommon for April to be streaming, our daughter to be on her tablet, while I am playing a game on my PS4. To say that there is some audio pollution around our living room and office would be an understatement. As a hobby, I write gaming histories and reviews, so being able to stay focused on the audio presentation is pretty critical to me. This month I got my hands on a Turtle Beach Stealth 700 gaming headset from Best Buy, and, well, it’s made things a whole lot clearer.

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones

The single most important feature for me isn’t the 7.1 surround sound or even the microphone. One would need friends online at the same time in order to make good use of that feature. The best part is the noise cancellation. With all the other audio that is playing in our house at any given time, noise cancellation helps keep the audio coming from my PS4 Pro at a level above that episode of Daniel Tiger that is belting forth from my daughter’s tablet.

Additional features of the headset include a lightweight design and app-based control of the headset. I was actually really surprised at how lightweight the headphones were. There are headphones that I use for video editing are SO heavy that I end up with ear fatigue. With these noise canceling Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headphones though, I haven’t noticed much fatigue at all. It is especially true after a long gaming session.

The battery life on the headphones can last quite a long time. According to the manufacturer, it lasts upwards of 10 hours with blue tooth and noise cancellation both switched on. In the drawback category, I noticed very few with these headphones. At the very beginning of a session, there would often be some sort of static, but that cleared up after a minute. I’m not entirely sure what has been causing this issue. Perhaps, it is something with my own equipment set-up causing interference.  However it if is specific to the headset, I’m hoping that at some point in the future there will be a firmware patch that can clear that up.

Availability of the Stealth 700

The Stealth 700 is currently available on Best Buy for 149.99 which is a nice price considering the features that you are getting with it. There are more expensive headsets, but I feel that this set’s price make it a perfect gift for a gamer. You could even get them for yourself during the holiday season.

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