Cough and Cold Season – How to Combat the Creeping Crud

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Cough and cold season has finally arrived! Yay! Not really… Yes, it’s that time of year again when my daughter brings home every possible germ from school, and both my husband and I immediately get it. For real. Every little bug becomes the plague. That’s why I’ve started taking proactive measures to protect the family from cough and cold season.

How I Keep Us Well During Cough and Cold Season

Cough and cold season is a combination of cold viruses and the environment. Between actual illness causing germs creeping around and the pollen outside, it’s a struggle to keep the family feeling healthy all the time, but there are some things I do to help make sure we’re at least MORE healthy that we would be otherwise.

Shut the Windows & Doors

Living in Florida, my family is constantly exposed to pollen. We’re a subtropical climate, so the growing season is super long, and all sorts of plants throw pollen like confetti at a parade, especially when fall rolls around. Around this time of year, I start keeping the windows shut at all times. Doing that keeps the pollen and mold spores to a minimum within our home, which helps remove one part of the cough and cold equation.


Wash Those Hands

I stay on my daughter AND my husband about keeping their hands washed. One of the easiest ways to cut down on the misery of cough and cold season is to just wash your hands. Humans touch their faces all the time, and they touch everything else, too! When you wash your hands regularly, you prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Vitamin C

Vitmain C is a powerful immune booster. Every year around this time, all three of us start taking a Vitamin C supplement to help our immune systems stay in tip-top shape.

Plenty of Water

The human body is more than 75% water, and being dehydrated prevents the body from functioning at 100%. This can lead to being more prone to getting sick. I make sure everyone in the house gets in a full 8 glasses a day. Whether they want to or not! 😉

Woman pouring water from a pitcher into a glass
Woman pouring water from a pitcher into a glass

Plenty of Sleep

Lack of sleep inhibits the body’s ability to fight off invading germs. When cough and cold season hits, I’m extra vigilant about making sure everyone in the house is in bed and getting their full 8 hours to help ward off sickness.

Puffs Plus Lotion

Although, I take all the above precautions to avoid the misery that cough and cold season can bring, it’s still not always enough. So in the event that one of us gets sick – and unfortunately we will – I keep Puffs Plus Lotion readily available everywhere. I have a package in all the bathrooms, every bedroom, AND the car.

puffs (1 of 4)

puffs tissues (1 of 1)

I love Puffs Plus Lotion in particular because it’s perfect for sore/runny noses. The added lotion helps prevent the “Rudolph Look” and the pain that comes with it. Instead, every time we have to blow or wipe our nose, we get a little burst of soothing, healing lotion. In fact, it’s so good that it’s America’s #1 lotion tissue, AND it’s dermatologist tested to be gentle on sensitive skin. I’ll take that!

puffs (2 of 4)

Right now, I’m taking advantage of great savings on Puffs Plus Lotion at Sam’s Club. They’re offering a 10 pack of Puffs Plus Lotion in-store and on That means we can all get America’s favorite lotion tissue from America’s favorite store.

puffs (1 of 1)

#SoothingSoreNoses Giveaway

Right now, my readers can win a $250 giftcard courtesy of Sam’s Club. It’s the perfect way to help you stock up on cough and cold season essentials like Vitamin C, bottle water, and, of course, Puffs Plus Lotion! Entering is easy.

Puffs Plus Lotion

Cough and Cold Season Ready with Puffs Plus Lotion and Sam’s Club

Cough and cold season can be murder, but it can also be quite uneventful, as far as the season goes, when you take steps to keep you and your family healthy. Remember to get in plenty of water, sleep, and vitamin C; wash those hands; and pick up a 10 pack of Puffs Plus Lotion from Sam’s Club. Because when cough and cold season finally does get the best of you, you don’t want your nose to fall off!

puffs (4 of 4) puffs (3 of 4)

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