6 Tips on Dying Hair at Home

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Hair is my favorite topic of conversation! I have spent a lot of time thinking about and caring for my hair since I decided to take the plunge and become a blonde. Since I have spent so much time working on my hair, I absolutely love imparting wisdom people interesting in my hair. I just LOVE hair so much! Today, I am going to impart some wisdom to those that are interested in these tips on dying their hair at home.

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Start with the Roots

Previous dyed hair takes color much faster than virgin hair. Start with your roots so you can “break your base” color letting that process for a bit and then bring the color down to the rest of your hair.

Use a Timer

I have made the mistake of getting distracted and leaving my color on way too long. Use a timer and focus on the task at hand. Dying hair at home is fun, but you need to remember that you are working with chemicals that can do real damage if you leave it on too long. We want beautiful color and healthy hair!

Get a Friends Help

You can definitely dye your hair by yourself and I have mostly used dyed my hair all by myself, but it is much more fun to enlist a friend to help. You can also get them to help you with the back of your head. I have very weak arm and I also cannot see the back of my head. A friend will lend you arm strength and help you see hidden spots that you might miss on your own. Dying hair at home together is also a super fun bonding experience that can help you get the perfect color together.

Pick the Right Color

I found a ton of awesome information on the Clarol Website that helps choose the right color. The article that are my favorite are under Beauty School: Hair Color for Your Skin Tone – Are you a Warm or Cool?; How to Highlight to Thin Out Face; and Want to Achieve Your Dream Shade: Hair Levels and Tones Can Help. . There are so many awesome colors out there, but not every color will work for you.

Think Before your Make a Drastic Change

I took a long time before I decided to become a full blonde. I fully understand that to keep my hair looking good, I need to go to color my hair every 3 to 4 weeks. It is a big commitment to go more than 1 or 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural color. If do want to go for a drastic change, do it in steps by going 1 to 2 shade lighter per process. If you have medium brown hair, aim for a lighter brown before going blonde. This is the healthiest way to make the change. I want you to have healthy hair like mine!

Take care of your Hair

Hair care does not stop when you are done washing the dye out. Make sure to do weekly conditioning treatment and monthy protein treatments to keep your hair looking and feeling fabulous. Also, make sure the shampoo you use is for color treated hair. We want to hang on to the color for as long as possible!!

Take the Clairol Nice’n Easy Challenge

I love that you can dying hair at home is so simple with Clairol Nice n’ Easy. They have 45 color options that all give a look of real color rather than hair dye. It looks natural because it is dynamic so that not every strand is the same color. Real hair color is not one solid share. It is a complex masterpiece of color. Nice’n Easy only makes superior, natural-looking color with the Nice’n Easy’s ColorBlend Technology that layers highlights and lowlights to enhance the natural dimension in your hair. This makes it so that even in the most revealing light – sunlight, it doesn’t look like hair color, it looks like it’s 100% real color.

Ever wonder how to try out grey hair for a week to see if you would like it? Check out the picture of the week I had grey hair.


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  1. These are some really great tips. I’m always looking for ways to make my hair look better.

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