Preparing for Guests – 10 Minutes to a Neater Home

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Preparing for guests is something we all have to do. If you’re like me, you do it at the last minute. My life is super hectic so most of the time any cleaning takes place right before people are coming over. Don’t get me wrong; my house isn’t a sty. It’s just lived in. When guests come over, though. I like it to look put together. All it takes are a few steps to make preparing for guests super fast and super easy.

Preparing for Guests

Preparing for Guests – The Last Minute Dash

So it’s down to it. The last minute dash. Those last 10 minutes before your best friend, your mother-in-law or a business associate is scheduled to show up, and your house is still in disarray. AAAAHHHH! Fear not, there are some easy ways to get your home guest-ready in next to no time.

Get the Dishes

No matter how spic and span your home is, dirty dishes can make you look like a slob. Make sure the dishes are washed and put away ASAP. It’ll make everything look neater, more put together, and cleaner in general.

Pick Up the Random

Random items float around my home like flotsam on the ocean. I have a daughter, a dog, and a husband, so random objects kicking around is standard fair in my house. Another quick way to help you in preparing for guests is to get all your child’s toys, your dog’s toys, and your husband’s random stuff off the floor. It doesn’t matter if it all gets thrown in a closet, just get it off the floor. šŸ˜‰

Scented Candles

Scented candles don’t help you clean, but they are ideal for preparing for guests. A scented candle adds a nice, cozy feel to your home. Just make sure your guests don’t have any allergies or sinus issues, or it may be a torture chamber instead of Heaven for their nose.

A Quick Dusting

A quick dusting of visible surfaces is a great help in preparing for guests. When the sun shines through the windows and almost everything is nice and dust free, it just looks good. Use Bona Disposable Dusting Cloths to help you quickly and easily dust with no need for digging out the dusting spray. They feature a 3D Design that uses thousands of fluffy fibers to quickly and more efficiently lock away dust and pet hair, so you can dust as fast as you want with no fear of dust floating around your home.

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Because of their extra large size, Bona Disposable Dusting Cloths clean almost two times faster than other sweeping clothes, which means that you can do more in less time, which is perfect for preparing for guests. AND these bad boys fit the Bona Family of Mops and compatible competitive stick mops, so you can use them to quickly get up dust and particles off of the floor, as well. This means you home can #BeDustFree in no time!

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Preparing for Guests in 10 Minutes – The Mad Dash that Isn’t So Mad

Preparing for guests last minute is something almost all of us do. But not all of us do it without a metric ton of stress. If you follow the above tips, enlist your husband’s help, and use Bona Disposable Dusting Cloths to do your super fast, super last minute cleaning, you’ll have a spiffy home for your incoming guests in no time.

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 Preparing for guests is something we all do last minute. With these tips and Bona Disposable Dusting cloths, preparing for guests is easier than ever.

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