Toddler Play Date Ideas

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I absolutely love hosting toddler play dates with my friends. It is awesome being able to hang out with your friends while your kids socialize and play together. Here are some Toddler Play Date Ideas that will help you host a successful play date at the park.

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Perfect Park

The town that I live in has tons of parks more than I even knew about. After talking to another mom, she told me about the perfect park that allows your kids to play in safety and shade. To me, shade from Florida sun is extremely important. You just cannot have fun in direct sunlight down here. It is far too hot and the sun is just too powerful. This new perfect park has shade all day because of these oversized trees that keep it covered perfectly. The safety problem is 2 fold for me. First, I like when parks are gated with one closed opening so that the kids cannot get out without you knowing. I am dying to get a fence like this at the park by my house. It is on my HOA lobbying to do list. The second part of safety is crowding. When there are lots of kids on the playground,  it harder to keep track of your child. I hate to admit it, but I have lost sight of my toddler at the big park in town. Great toddler play dates start with the perfect park!

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14222116_10153860464707393_8065862065862358441_nEasy Food

Food for toddlers should be extremely easy. I have found that these are the easiest items to pack and serve to kids. Easy to handle fruits like melons, watermelon, easy peel oranges or tangerines, and whole apples. Berries to me are too messy for the playground. These fruits are pretty easy to grab and go so that the fruits don’t stop the play.

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I made a yummy salad for the moms that are looking for something healthy and delicious. I asked in advance if there were any allergies or dislikes before the party.

My friends brought Veggie Straws and Cookies to share with the group. I usually go for healthy stuff, but kids always love a treat!


Easy Clean Up

We used WaterWipes to keep the kids clean during the Toddler Play Date. When one of the toddlers took a spill, we cleaned her up with the WaterWipes. Also, we all used the wipes to clean the food off our kid’s faces. As I expected, everyone loved the wipes!!

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WaterWipes are an awesome choice for kids because they are chemical free baby wipes that contain only two ingredients, 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. These WaterWipes prove a safer, natural option for your little one. The wipes are both durable and effective without containing any of the harmful chemicals that may be found in other baby wipes. I told the gals all the awesome ways that I use WaterWipes. Check out how I use them HERE.

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Since it is so hot outside, I like to keep lots of water handy. I put enough on the table for everyone and then kept a bunch in the cooler so that they stay cool and I can replenish them throughout the day. You can also show the toddlers how to get the waters out of the cooler themselves. I am all for independence with toddlers.

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