Legoland with Toddlers

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Thinking about making a trip to Legoland with Toddlers? In this post, I share our experience taking two toddlers, what we enjoyed, and what I would have done differently.

During the first weekend in October, I took my daughter, husband, sister and sister boyfriend and son to Legoland Florida!

LEGOLAND® Florida Resort is a multi-day vacation destination built for kids 2-12. Located in Central Florida’s Winter Haven, just 45 minutes from Orlando and Tampa, the resort includes an interactive, 150-acre theme park with more than 50 rides, shows and attractions inspired by popular LEGO® brands and characters

None of us had ever been before, but we all have been wanting to go for a while. Both my husband and I love Legos, and my daughter is a Master Duplo builder. I have been waiting impatiently for it to cool down in Florida so that we could appreciate the amusement parks like Legoland.

Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida


We started our journey to Legoland in driving up to Orlando in a Kia Sorento that we were testing out for the blog. I requested a big car so that we could all fit in one car. The Kia Sonata fits up to 7 and for us, it fit two car seats with toddlers and four adults with a lot of luggage for a day trip in comfort.

Legoland with Toddlers Legoland with Toddlers Legoland with Toddlers Legoland with Toddlers Legoland with Toddlers Legoland with Toddlers

Be Prepared – I wrote a great article on how to be prepared for an amusement park like Legoland.

Legoland Egyptian

Plan the Rides – Since I have a pretty tall toddler, who is 34 inches at two years old, and my sister’s boyfriend’s son is nearly 3 and 36 inches, there were a ton of ride options for these 2.

You have to check your child’s height and see what rides they can ride so that you can focus on those attractions. I know that I was a very small child so I would not have been able to go on most of the rides until I was five years old.

Legoland Safari

When we entered the park, the kids made a b-line for the Lego Carousel. It has an upper deck that looks so awesome!

Legoland Carousel

After that, we headed to Duplo Land, where both kids were able to go on the Train and in the Farm play area. It’s impossible to keep these kids away from climbing and slide activities.

Duplo land Duplo land

Duploland Farm

Duplo Land train Duplo land Train

Miniland – There are oversized Lego creations all over the park, but Miniland takes it to the next level! There are tons of cities recreated from Las Vegas to Key West.

Legoland with Toddlers

What I Would Do Differently at Legoland with Toddlers

Here few things that I learned that I would have done differently now that I have been to Legoland with toddlers.

Legoland with Toddlers

  1. I would buy the 2-day pass to Legoland so we could explore more of the park. Toddlers can only be attentive for so long, and you really should not push them past their limits.
  2. I would stay at the Legoland Hotel. It is so close to Legoland! I have never seen a hotel this close to an amusement park. You might as well say that it is in the park because it is that close! The Lego Hotel is amazing on its own! You can get a room that is themed, and the pool area is pretty awesome too!

Legoland Hotel

Now that I have shared my experience with Legoland with Toddlers let me know if you have any questions I can answer.

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4 thoughts on “Legoland with Toddlers”

  1. So my 2 year old and 5 year old will be going with us to LEGOLAND florida in a few weeks.. we didn’t buy him an online ticket because it said 3 and up.. but.. he is 37.5′ tall meaning he can ride a ton of rides there.. do they give you a wristband or something when you use a ticket to get in? will they let him ride without a ticket is he is tall enough? he can ride a Disney no problem without a ticket since there is no way to check once beyond the gates but we cant find any info about this for LEGOLAND.. thanks in advance.

    • Some of the rides are 4 and up, but if he is tall enough, he will be able to ride some of the rides. Use your best judgement as far as maturity for some of the rides.


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