What to Pack in your Toddler Diaper Bag

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What to Pack in your Toddler Diaper Bag

Now that my daughter is a toddler, it is time to change what I am carrying in my diaper bag. It is no longer filled it with breast milk and baby food. She now can eat at any restaurant that I eat at so we eat together most meals. The new items in my bag are based on changes in her habits and general attitude. The terrible twos are coming!


-Diapers: You should bring 1 for every 2 hours that you will be out of the house. I also keep some extra in my car just in case I forget to reload.
-Wipes: One package of wipes.
Diaper Cream: Yes, we still need this, but you can save space by purchasing a travel size.
-Large Changing Pad: You can use a large changing padΒ  or use the large size one in the TWELVElittle Diaper Bag as the original one is probably not large enough anymore.
-Disposable Sippy Cups or Straw Cups: I always keep at least two in the diapers bag, one for milk and one for water. Also, extras in the car just in case.
-Snacks: You will be prepared for any breakdowns if you have a variety of snacks on hand. Goldfish crackers, string cheese, apple slices and Cheerios are easy to pack and won’t make a mess.
-Toys. If it stows easy and makes your toddler smile, then bring it. Hasbro just came out with toys that are meant for the diaper bag. We have Elmo On the Go Letters, Roll ‘n Gear Car, and Stack ‘n Stow Cups. Little cars and books are also great choices.
-Ditty Bag: You can use a ditty bag to store everything from dirty diapers to wet clothes.
-Change of Clothes: You child still gets dirty so you still bring a change of clothes and a bib.


The most important part of packing a good toddler diaper bag is finding one that works for your lifestyle. I found one that fits my laptop as well as all these goodies. It make it much easier to work if I have my laptop with me. With a padded tech sleeve for tablets and laptops, the TWELVElittle Unisex Courage Backpack is great for millennial moms and dads. Trimmed in genuine leather with multiple interior and exterior pockets for maximum functionality, this bag is perfect for the backpacking parent, leaving your hands free!

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One April Golightly reader will win a TWELVElittle Unisex Courage Backpack.

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167 thoughts on “What to Pack in your Toddler Diaper Bag”

  1. well I’m a first time mama to a two month so i still am learning and haven’t been packing a diaper bag that long. but one of my favorite things to pack is a compact baby sling. sometimes my babe enjoys being carried in that vs. in his infant carseat if we go out grocery shopping or what not. πŸ™‚

  2. Wipes seem to come in handy for so many things. Whether it is for baby, toddler, kids, mommy and daddy, they just seem like they are always needed!

  3. Snacks are my best advice. It seems like we are always hungry and its better to have a little healthy snack than get fast food when we are out.

  4. This bag is really nice, a diaper bag is one of the only things left that I need to get for my baby’s arrival in June. I hope I win!

  5. My husband would love this. Right now our diaper bag is pretty girly so he’s not to found of taking it with him places, silly I know.

  6. Make sure you have enough clothes and diapers to last for your outing or wherever you are going. Also have some snacks as well.

  7. Always keep extra clothes, wipes, and a first aid kit in your bag. Also always keep snacks and water on hand as well.

  8. I always keep a small amount of cash tucked in the diaper bag for an emergency. If I lost my wallet, I’d still have access to emergency funds.

  9. We like to carry along the essentials (diapers, wipes, snacks, hand sanitizer, sunscreen and water) and LOVE our Tegu magnetic blocks along with a few books and a old cell phone with the battery removed. My not so little one has outgrown her baby diaper bag and is ready to move on to something where mommy has both her hands free and looks cool too. This is it

  10. Put in 2 extra outfits and a pair of Pjs. Also put in everything else you can think of — be prepared for anything.

  11. Extra clothes, lots of extra diapers as one never knows when an accident will happen. Plenty of wipes, powdered formula. Be prepared for anything.

  12. I like to carry the individual packets of Pedialite powder, an extra change of clothes, and some plastic bags (in case of messy clothes, or diaper)

  13. I always carry little packs of raisins. They are great for on the go! Always have enough wipes and pampers and a set of clothes if going far.

  14. Little baggies to put dirty clothes in. I put each outfit in a ziplock back. When I had to change the kids. I would just put in the soiled clothes back in the bag.

  15. Organic fruit pouches, extra socks because my 17 month old somehow manages to get his feet out of both his shoes and socks and LOSE at least one sock per car trip!

  16. Wow.. Love this bag. I am currently using one of those little string bags for him but it is such a pain!! This one looks so organized.

  17. Of course diapers and wipes, plus snacks, sippy cup/bottles, toys, change of clothes, charger, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bottle of water and formula if needed.

  18. A footed sleeper for the little one, this way it’ll work in a pinch for a change of clothes and if you end up out late you can change them so they’re comfortable for bed.

  19. My advice is to always pack a damp wash cloth (inside a glad bag) for those days when wipes just won’t do the trick.

  20. chargers for you electronics. Nothing worse then being without a means of communication to answer the questions we always have.

  21. I’m loving all the suggestions here and I’m bookmarking this page! I’m a first time mom due in October, so would LOVE to win this bag for my husband. Thanks for the great information!

  22. Several gallon-size sturdy zip-closing plastic bags will come in handy for dirty/wet clothes, used toddler eating utensils, etc!

  23. LOL, My Mother always said to pack “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” & I AGREE!! Better to be prepared to bring to much than not enough.

  24. Snacks, toys, extra set of clothes, wipe/diapers, ziplocks or plastic bags and a few small toys. If your child uses a pacifier, its always helpful to have an extra one in the diaper bag.

  25. This is a great diaper bag!! The only things I ever put in our diaper bag are 1) Diapers and wipes 2)Change of clothes for baby

  26. Oh this would be perfect for my tot & baby # 2 arriving on Mother’s Day πŸ™‚ I’m a working mama so this bag looks great !

  27. First of all, get a bag that Hubby will not mind carrying. Then make sure you have lots of diapers, wipes,and a couple of changing pads (nothing is worse than having no clean place to change baby and I hate to see parents just flop a baby down on any surface to make a clean up and change).

  28. Diapers, wipes, snacks, extra change of clothes, plastic bag for soiled items, bottle/cup, toys and I try to have Tylenol , diaper rash ointment, bee sting / bug bite medicine too just to be prepared

  29. Aquaphor baby is a must have for people anywhere where it gets cold. no chapped lips EVER. You’ll probably get a bunch for yourself after cx

  30. I will never leave the house without: diapers, wipes, sunscreen, water, food, snacks, binkies and a toy and book. I would much rather overpack in the case of a baby!

  31. We carry a small first aid kit, a change of clothes for the kids, and sunscreen, as well as the regular wipes, diapers, sippy cup, etc.

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