26 Ways to Make Traveling Less Stressful

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Traveling is one of my favorite passions, but it can get stressful with all the moving parts that go along with it. I find it incredibly stressful to look good for photos and not be lugging around a 100-pound suitcase.

I have managed to figure out how to make traveling less stressful starting with list building and moving on to preventing jet lag. 

Make Lists

You can quickly make your traveling less stressful by making lists of what you have already and what you might need to purchase. For my most recent trip overseas to Ireland, I must have written ten lists until I had everything that I needed. I don’t love shopping in stores as much as I used to like.

Now, I purchase things online and pick them up at the store. That way I can make sure I get what I need and return anything that I don’t need.

Pack Lightlty

You should try to pack lightly. OMG, I wish I had heeded this advice on my trip to Ireland. I was so freaked out by the idea of cold weather; I went a little crazy. Luckily, I knew that I would be bused around a lot and would not need to worry about lugging the suitcase myself the entire time. In general, I usually pack lightly and will be doing this from now on.

Check In Before you Arrive

Check in online or on your phone 24 hours before you arrive at the airport. It will save you time and stress when you get to the airport. Also, you might find out that the flight is delayed thereby saving you time when you do get to the airport. I always turn on notifications on my phone so that I get any and all updates related to my flight. Being on top of the flight status can make traveling less stressful.

TSA-Precheck & Global Entry

You can sign up for TSA-Precheck and Global Entry to help get through the security line much quicker. You get expedited processing through customs and security screenings. Learn more about TSA-Pre here and Global Entry here.

Organize Your Bags

I have been using bags within bags to organize all my stuff. I like to coordinate my outfits so that I can easily get dressed in the morning. While I was in Ireland, I moved hotels a few times and had each hotel outfit set in its own bag. I had a toiletry bag and even bags for my shoes.

If you open my suitcase, nothing will fall out, and everything has a place. It’s pretty amazing and will make your trips less stressful.

Plan Outfits

Plan all your outfits in advance of traveling. Just throwing clothes into a suitcase thinking you will match them when arriving (and have no time) is ridiculous and leads to overpacking.

Preventing Jet Lag

Check out the time difference between where you live and where you will be traveling and move your bedtime to get closer to the bedtime you will be having during your trip.

You can start preventing jet lag a week in advance. For example, if you are going somewhere that is 3 hours behind you (NY to CA), when it is 10 PM EST it will be 7 PM PST, you can start moving closer to a PST schedule. About a week to 4 days before you leave on your trip, try to push your bedtime back a half hour every day and set the alarm to wake up a half hour earlier each day.


Start getting hydrated before your trip by making sure you are getting the required amount of water every day. When you are on the plan, skip the caffeine and alcohol and opt for water instead.

Bring Snacks

You will likely get hungry during your travels, bring light and non-bulky healthy snacks. If you buy snacks at the airport, you will probably eat more calories than you bargained for. Get the snacks at home and carry them with you.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Before I travel, I assess my shoes to make sure that they are comfortable. I usually bring flats on most of my trips, but not all flats are created equal. There is a flat company that is over the internet with people saying that they are great, but they don’t work on my feet. I recommend making sure your shoes are comfortable before you pack them.


If you want to be comfortable while traveling, it is best to layer your clothes so that you can peel or add layers as needed.

Scarf Doubles as a Blanket

On flights, I like to bring a scarf that can double as a blanket. It keeps me cozy and comfy on the plane ride and helps me avoid the stress of being cold.

Download Entertainment Before you Leave Home

I am a big fan of podcasts and audiobooks. Don’t rely on having a TV that will work on your flight. You might be bored to tears otherwise. Even solitaire is worth playing.

Don’t Forget Headphones

Bring your own headphones in your carry on. The little earbuds that they give you are just not that great, and you want to be able to listen wherever you go.

Bring an Inflatable Pillow

I discovered an inflatable pillow on my last trip and fell head over heels for it. It does not take up much room, and you can use it to be more comfortable in cars and on planes. I would never travel without it again. Less pain means less stress for me.

Powerpack Backup

Bring chargers for all your devices. Also, juice pack for your phone.  There is nothing worse than landing with a dead phone.

Portable Power Banks

Don’t Forget your Camera

When you travel, don’t forget to bring your camera. As much as cell phones are stepping up their phone game, you can still not beat the photo you can take with a good camera. Here are some of my picks for a good camera on the gift guide for electronics for her.

Choose the Right Carry On Bag

I have found that choosing the right carry on bag makes all the difference. I like small roller bags that have a piggyback slot, room for your laptop or tablet, and as a bonus, it could double as a backpack.

Prepare Your Skin for Travel

Use hydration masks a few times before you leave on your trip. Use cold water only, so you are not bringing anything to the surface before you travel. Also, bring a hydration mask with you so you can use when you arrive. Here is an excellent DIY home face mask.

Dress Comfortably

Comfort is key when traveling. Choose your clothes for comfort and style, not just style. You can be comfortable and stylish – I promise! I do it every day and can help you.

Wear Socks

Don’t forget to wear socks to the airport. I hate socks, but I don’t want to be barefoot at the airport. The thought is traumatizing. I’m not dramatic or anything! It seriously is gross, and if it has happened to you, you should know to bring or wear socks to the airport from now on. I am just here to remind you to do the right thing and wear socks.

Think About Money

If you are traveling somewhere where there is a different currency, make sure to get cash in advance of traveling. This might seem like it goes without saying and it probably did even five years ago, but now we are reliant on debit and credit cards that no one has cash. I don’t carry cash with me. I usually maybe have $5 to $10 for tips. That is all.

When you are traveling to foreign countries, they use cash more than us. You might need some money for tips, buses, and taxis. Not everywhere has Uber that takes it straight out of your PayPal. I know it is a bummer, but cash is still king, and you will need some in the proper currency.

Phone Plan

Call your cell phone company to find out what you can do to have data while you are traveling. Some counties have a decent amount of WiFi, but I would not rely on this.

Learn New Languages

Imagine landing in Paris, Tokyo, or Cairo and greeting locals with a confident “Bonjour,” “こんにちは,” or “مرحبا”. This simple act of saying hello in the local language can open doors, bring smiles, and create a connection that transcends cultural barriers.

It shows respect for the culture and people you’re visiting, and trust me, this small effort can lead to richer, more authentic travel experiences.


Do you have any other Ways to Make Traveling Less Stressful? Feel Free to comment below. 

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