How to Get a Winter Blonde Ombre Look

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Winter Ombre Look

Have you ever tried Sun-in spray on your hair?  Sun-In is something that my mom always used on my hair when I was a kid. Today, I used it to create and intensify my daughter’s Winter Blonde Ombre Look.

I always loved using Sun-In when I was a kid because It gave my hair a nice sun-kissed natural highlighted look. Growing up my hair was always light brown with dark highlights. Then, as I grew older, my hair turned dark brown. I realized that I could be blonde after wearing a Halloween wig, but it still took me nearly 10 years to take the full plunge. I expect that my daughter will want to start dyeing her hair soon because she is already asking about my hair color. Obviously, I do not want to start using any sort of bleach on my daughter’s hair. Sun-in is alcohol and bleach free. 

Do you want to create a sunkissed hair look? All you need to do to create this beautiful winter blonde ombré look is to spray the strands you want to lighten to freshly washed and damp hair. Apply generously or lightly depending on the look you are going for. This fast & easy hair lightening treatment works even works without the sun – you can use your hair dryer to lighten! Dry your hair and watch your hair lighten. You can either go out in the sun and let air dry or blow dry to activate. 

As you can see, Sun-In isn’t JUST for blondes! It brightens blonde to medium- brown hair.

If I want to get gorgeous sun-streaked winter blonde ombre look that will bring light to cold nights, then a blow dryer and SunIn are the answer. Sun In gives you the same natural highlights you get from the sun – only faster! Sun In’s advanced conditioning system includes botanical extracts and special illuminators that give hair an extra dose of shine. Also alcohol-free.


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