How to Use Conair Curl Secret

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Do you ever feel sick of your hair?! Are you in desperate need of a change!? The Conair Curl Secret™ makes it really easy to make a change to your hair without making it permanent. I have wavy hair, but I usually straighten it. It is time to add some curl to our lives!

Conair Curl Secret Review and Tutorial #shop

The Conair Curl Secret™ is really easy to use and saves time! It creates long-lasting curls. There is no chance of burning yourself so it is suitable for a hair curling novice or those trying to avoid hurting themselves. 

Before Curl Secret, #shop

Supplies & Tools

  • Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Curling Iron
  • Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
  • Light Hair Spray
  • Large Hair Clip

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Curling Iron Review and tutorial

How to Use Conair Curl Secret

  1. First, section off your hair so that you are working from bottom up.
  2. Take a 1/2 inch piece of hair and brush it so that it is very smooth and knot free.
  3. Place the curl secret in the place on your hair where you want the curl to start.
  4. Always be sure to face the opened part of the  Curl Secret™  toward your head.
  5. Squeeze the  Curl Secret™  and the hair will be drawn into it.
  6. The curl secret does all the work and will tell you when it is done with several beeps. Release the curl secret and the perfect curl will fall out. The heating element in the  Curl Secret™  heats both sides of the curl.
  7. On the lower layer of hair, I used the 12 second setting and high heat for the tightest curl and to add volume. Next on the middle layer of hair, I used the 8 second setting for looser curls. On the top layer of hair, I used the 12 second setting for tighter more defined curls.
  8. As I was doing my hair, I brushed out each piece and used salt spray and a little light hair spray to texturize my thin hair.

My hair lasted 2 days. The first day I used my fingers to break up the curls and they kept a very nice defined look. The second day, I brushed out my hair and it look wavy and voluminous!

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How to Use Conair Curl Secret tutorial

If you don’t already have one, you can buy this hair tool here.

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13 thoughts on “How to Use Conair Curl Secret”

  1. I liked Day 1, and wow! curling irons have come a long way since I was using them in high school and college! I might consider buying one again, if they work this well now.

  2. Your hair looks amazing. I used 2-4 times each week. My colleagues said I had beautiful curls ^^

    I got it from

  3. I wish you would do a demo showing you doing the back of the head I am afraid it will be a problem and my hair will get tangled.

  4. hello. i plugged it in but it beeps constantly and won’t suck in curl when i close handle. it just beeps. no rotation of mechanism.. beeping . have you had this happen also? is it broken?


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