Why Maintaining My Hair Color is Important to Me

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This is a sponsored post brought to you on behalf of Gliss by Schwarzkopf. I choose my partners very carefully and am excited to share my experience with you. 

Do you have a subject that you could talk about forever? That is hair for me. I could go on and on about hair color, and I want to hear everyone’s hair story and share mine with them. For me, I have been on a long road to becoming blonde and getting the blonde I want. It seems so simple, right? Well, a lot of hair dressers don’t know how to turn a brunette blonde and can’t keep the orange away.

Now that I found a hair dresser that gets what I want and can execute the ashy blonde that I love, I want to maintain that color!

It might sound crazy, but I am extremely self-conscience if the color is wrong. Keeping the right hair color is important to me! I spend a ton of hard earned money on my hair not to mention the time that it takes in the salon. The goal is to maintain an ashy blonde that is free of brassy orange color that comes with oxidation and after washing in between salon visits with toning sessions. You can damage your hair simply by blow drying your hair, swimming, and being in the sun. It is so important to keep it healthy and repair the damage, especially in the summer.

Here is how I maintain my ashy hair color with visits to the salon every six weeks:

  1. Washing as Little as possible. I skip put my hair in a shower cap every night as I shower or bathe. I wash my hair about every 3 to 4 days.
  2. Purple Shampoo – Every other hair washing I use purple shampoo after I wash my hair. This allows me to tone some purple back into the hair. I leave in on from 5 to 10 minutes depending on how brassy my hair looks. I don’t want to have purple hair.
  3. Using Gliss by SchwarzkopfColor Preserve Shampoo and Condition. I have been using Gliss by Schwarzkopf Color Preserve every time that I wash my hair.
  4. Before I dry my hair, I use Gliss to protect my hair. A lot of times the products you use to style will make your hair turn yellow or orange. The best thing to do is to use products like Gliss by Schwarzkopf specifically used for color treated hair.
Gliss by Schwarzkopf Color Guard is my go to color preserving system because of the benefits:
  • Anti-fading
  • UVA/UVB filter
  • Color protection up to 12 weeks*

* This formula features Color Protection System and UV filter, helping seal color from washing out for optimal color retention and beautiful luminance.

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Ever wonder how to try out grey hair for a week to see if you would like it? Check out the picture of the week I had grey hair.

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