10 Legoland Tips and Tricks for an Awesome Family Vacation

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A few weeks on, I took my family to the Legoland Florida Resort. We stayed at the hotel and were all blown away by how cool it was to stay so close to the park. Last year, I brought my then 3-year-old daughter to Legoland for the day. Check out this Legoland with Toddler’s Post. Now that she is 4 years old and 42 inches, she is able to go on more rides and loves Legos as much as parents do. The trip was much easier for everyone because she is more mature. Here are 10 Legoland Tips and Tricks for an Awesome Family Vacation for everyone!

10) Use Sunblock and Drink Water

Florida can be extremely sunny even on days when it feels nice outside. Do yourself a favor and put on sunscreen before you leave the hotel. Bring a bottle of sunscreen with you so that you can reapply if you get sweaty. Also, keep a bottle of water handy so that you can stay hydrated throughout the day. Like any other theme park, Legoland requires a lot of walking. You might not realize that you are getting dehydrated because you are having so much fun, but remember to keep drinking water and remind your kids.

9) Wear comfortable shoes

As a fashionable mom, I am always tempted to wear cute shoes to Legoland. But, after years of regreting wearing cute shoes, I only wear comfortable shoes to the parks like Legoland. Remeber to wear tried and true comfortable shoes that have been broken in. That means skip the new sneakers and heels of any kind.

8) Familiarize yourself with the Park

You can quickly go to Legoland without having to look at a map before you go, but the way to get the most out of your Legoland experience is to familiarize yourself with the offerings and map before you go. You will approach your trip with more confidence if you’ve researched the park before you arrive. All it takes is a simple Google search or a perusal of the Legoland website!

7) Stay at the Legoland Florida Resort

Arrive early to Legoland Resort so that you can get the most out of your stay. It is right next to it making it so easy to go from the hotel to the park. I have never seen a hotel so close to a theme park. Usually, you have to take some transportation even to the nearest hotel. The kids get tons of exclusive stuff like the Pajama Dance Party, Master Builder Class, and Treasure Hunt in the room.

6) Start Your Day Early

Get the included breakfast at the Legoland resort restaurant, Bricks. Every stay includes free buffet-style hot breakfast including an omelet station and lego character visits. You can also enter the park 30 minutes early if you are staying at the hotel. It is called ‘Bonus Brick Time’ This will help with any favorite rides you might encounter. Ninjago anyone? 

5) Sign Up for the Master Builder Class

The Master Builder class is a free program if you are staying at the Legoland Resort. You can show off your building skills in our Master Model Builder Session, and you get to keep the item that you build that day. Me, my husband, and daughter all signed up. We got to talk home matching Lego Mouses. The thing that you make changes every few days, so you only need to take the class once every time that you visit Legoland. Sign up for a class as soon as you check in so that you get the time you want.

4) Pajama Dance Party

There are tons of activities to do in the evening when the Legoland Park closes, and my favorite is the pajama dance party. The kids wear pajamas, and they dance with a fun show at the Castle in the lobby of the Legoland Hotel.

3) Legoland Ninjago World

The new Legoland Ninjago World inside Legoland Florida is my favorite area of the park. Zane’s Temple Build is extremely intricate, and it makes you want to build more creatively. It is was such an inspiration to me. My daughter loved playing on the Kai’s Spinners and Cole’s Rock Climb. The entire family loved the Ninjago ride! Since we got into the park early, we definitely could have gone on several times with only a 5-minute wait!


2) Bring Your Bathingsuits to the Legoland Park

The Legoland Park is extremely fun, but I feel that the Legoland Waterpark is a must after walking around all day in a hot theme park. I recommend bringing your swimsuit in a bag while you are at the park so that you can easily transition from the Legoland Theme Park to the Legoland Waterpark. They have lockers at the Legoland Waterpark that we piled our stuff into. The only things that I kept out was my phone in a waterproof case with my credit card and Driver’s License and our shoes which you can put in cubbies while you ride the water rides.

1) Bring a Waterproof Camera or Waterproof Case for your Phone

To capture the fun, bring a waterproof case for your phone or bring a waterproof camera. Water pictures and video are some of my favorite moments.

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Legoland Tickets and Hotel Stay were given to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own. We had an amazing time and I am happy to share my experience with you. 

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