How to Protect Yourself and Your Toddler for Play Outside in the Sun

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The summer heat is unyielding and can be extremely damaging and energy consuming. You want to protect your skin, eyes and stay energetic outside.  Here is a tutorial on How to Protect Yourself and Your Toddler for Play Outside in the Sun.

Look for Shade

Always look for shade when you are outdoors. Avoid being in direct sunlight for too long. My backyard has a ton of sun, so we bought 3 umbrellas to go around the yard so that there is plenty of shade.

Toddler Pool Day (1 of 1)

Apply Sunblock Often

Apply sunblock before you go into the sun so that it has time to soak into your skin. Reapply sunblock every hour or as directed on the bottle.

Toddler Pool Day (1 of 4) Toddler Pool Day (3 of 4)

Wear a Hat

Cover you face by wearing a wide-brimmed hat. I am on the hunt for a cute visor because the hat I have kept getting wet in the back.

Toddler Gardening (1 of 5) Toddler Gardening (2 of 5)

Wear Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from wrinkles and harmful effects of UV rays. You can actually sunburn your eyes, and the light can cause catarax or macular degeneration overtime.

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Wear a Coverup

While sunblock is awesome, you can protect yourself even more by covering up when you are not swimming.

Wear Bug Spray

If you are out during dusk or dawn, spray bug spray on so that you can avoid being bitten by bugs.

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Swimming Lessons

We have been really focusing on getting my daughter to swim this year so much so that we scheduled one one lessons. It really worked and she is swimming like a fish. It only took 2 weeks to get her comfortable in the water swimming. Her form needs work, but in general, I feel extremely comfortable with her swimming now.

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Ask About the Potty Often

Keep pee and poop out of the pool by asking about the potty often. I have gone as far as to bring a small potty outside by the pool. It is a constant reminder to go to the bathroom.

Take Vitamins

My daughter and I have been taking vitamins for quite sometime. It helps keep us healthy so that our immune system can fight illness. You can protect yourself from the elements by staining healthy and taking your vitamins.

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zarabees (3 of 3) zarabees (2 of 3)

walmart (1 of 2) walmart (2 of 2)

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