Custom Movie Poster Wall Collage

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Custom Movie Poster Wall Collage 

A few years ago, I discovered a new form of movie art on Etsy. The artists create new versions of movie posters that are perfect for a custom movie poster wall collage. In my opinion, most times the new poster creation is much better than the original posters.

Custom Movie Poster Wall Collage

I bought 3 posters that were of similar style for town house living room a few years ago. You can see them behind me in these photos. I chose Jaws, Ghostbusters, and Back to the Future.

ghostbusters poster minimal back to the future part II poster jaws poster

I love these Pantone Avenger posters. They would look great in a hallway or incorporated into the custom movie poster wall collage.

pantone iron man the hulk pantone captain america poster thor poster

Of course, I cannot forget to add a Breakfast at Tiffany’s custom movie poster. After all, Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly is where I got my nickname from. April Golightly would not be the same without Holly Golightly!  We just have to figure out which one I like best. Which one is your fave?

holly golightly poster breakfast at tiffanys poster audrey hepburn poster

When put up the first collage, we did not purchase quality frames and one fell off the wall while we were on vacation. I recently found that has ton of reasonably priced poster frames that come in sizes that will fit most of these posters. If you cannot find a standard size, then they have custom sizes as well. This way, all your frames will match perfectly! roman holiday poster

pop art roman holiday poster

ghostbusters poster staypuffed marshmallow

darjeerling limited poster

top gun poster

You can also find collections that will look awesome in the collage and also on their own in a kids bedroom. Check out these poster sets for the mega fans of Disney, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Toy Story, Despicable Me, and the Dark Knight.

disney custom posters dark night posters il_570xN.628155896_so9g star wars posters toy story postersdispicable me posters

back to the future trio posters

Which posters are your faves from the Custom Movie Poster Wall Collage?

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