Quick and Simple Steps Towards Getting a Glowing Complexion

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Quick and Simple Steps Towards Getting a Glowing Complexion

When it comes to looking your best it all begins with the skin. Exposure to the sun, air pollutants and a bad diet can all have a negative effect on your epidermis but there are a few ways to combat these issues and maintain a glowing complexion.

Our body’s outer layer offers a great deal of protection but it does take a beating on a daily basis. Air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, smoking and drinking alcohol as well as inadequate indoor ventilation can all be harmful to our skin. Having a well-balanced diet, regular exercise and drinking plenty of water will help us to look our best but don’t forget a beauty regime focussing solely on that all important facial area.

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Clear out those pores

Eradicating the dirt from your pores will leave your face feeling soft and looking great. A facial mask is one of the best rejuvenating products and will help to draw out impurities as well as eliminating dead skin cells. Of course there is a huge range of masks available including those with additional benefits such as tightening, hydrating and toning. Make sure to open the pores first with hot water and for that ultra-healthy glow you can soak your face in ice-water after removing your mask.

Massage you skin

You’ve probably spent a great deal of time choosing the right type of moisturizer but the correct application can make a big difference. It’s not enough just to dab on your cream and move it lightly around the face – go for the massage option. Use some gentle pressure to ensure the moisturizer penetrates deeply enough and doesn’t just sit there until it evaporates. Massaging also helps the circulation and will get the blood flowing to the surface.

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Maximum glow on a night out

This simple routine will help to give you a killer complexion on that special night out. Firstly, undertake around 15 minutes of simple cardio-vascular exercise such as using a running machine or cross-trainer; this will get the blood flowing and help to open the pores. Next, use a face mask designed to eliminate dirt and slough off dead skin – this can be followed by a gentle face scrub for maximum effect. Finally, use ice-water to tighten the pores and bring a healthy glow to your face before applying moisturizer.

Fresh, healthy skin that shines can be achieved with only a few simple steps. Your skin will reward you if you treat it with the care it deserves.

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