Halloween Candy Center Piece

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This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Sweetworks. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday because I just love getting dressed up and making Halloween projects like my Pumpkin Pillow and this DIY Family Sign for the front door. Today I am working on a Halloween Candy Center Piece made out of candy!


Tools & Supplies

Spooky Eyes Gumballs 8oz Peg Bag (1 bag)
Halloween Mix Gumballs 8oz Peg Bag (2 bags)
Autumn Mix Sixlets 14oz Peg Bag (2 bags)
Halloween Mix Sixlets 14oz Peg Bag (2 bags)
Autumn Mix Pearls 1.75oz Peg Bag (2 bags)
Halloween Mix Pearls 1.75oz Peg Bag (2 bags)
4 Small Pumpkins
2 Large Pumpkins
Anchor Hocking Cracker Jar with Lid
Large Baking Cups Black & White Polka Dots
Super Glue Gun
Large Oranges

Halloween Candy DIY-0206

1. Put all the chocolate candy in the fridge until you are ready to work with it. Take 1 bag out at a time.
2. Figure out which side of the orange is the most stable so that the orange will stand up right on it’s own. Heat up the glue gun and put the glue on the orange in small about 1 inch by 1 inch patches. Push Sixlets into the glue all around the orange except on the bottom. PRO TIP: Wait a few seconds before putting the Sixlets into glue so that you don’t hurt your fingers like I did the first time.

Halloween Candy DIY-2 Halloween Candy DIY-0257
3. The next orange I made was a Jack-O-Lantern. I glued the majority of the orange Sixlets on one side first, then I used a Sharpie to draw the Jack-O-Lantern face. Glue the black candy and the orange candy on together with the face.

Halloween Candy DIY Center Piece

Halloween Candy DIY-0233

Halloween Candy DIY-2-2


Halloween Candy DIY-02754. Fill the Anchor Hocking Cracker Jar with Lid with 4 small fake pumpkins. Then, pour 2 bags of Autumn Mix Sixlets into the jar and cover.

Halloween Candy DIY-2-3
5. Fill up the Large Baking Cups Black & White Polka Dots with the Spooky Eyes GumballsHalloween Mix GumballsHalloween Mix SixletsHalloween Mix Pearls, and Autumn Mix Pearls.

Halloween Candy DIY-0257

Candy Packages to 10 Winners Valued at $50 include:

Spooky Eyes Gumballs 8oz Peg Bag (2 bags)
Halloween Mix Gumballs 8oz Peg Bag (1 bags)
Autumn Mix Sixlets 14oz Peg Bag (1 bags)
Halloween Mix Sixlets 14oz Peg Bag (1 bags)
Autumn Mix Pearls 1.75oz Peg Bag (2 bags)
Halloween Mix Pearls 1.75oz Peg Bag (2 bags)
Pumpkin Spice Break-A-Part (2 bags)
Sixlets Halloween 27oz Laydown Bag (1 bags)
Witch’s Brew 29oz Laydown Bag (1 bags)

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129 thoughts on “Halloween Candy Center Piece”

  1. Shimmer™ Bright Pink Sixlets would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday! Pink and delicious, so they are my favorite 🙂

  2. Never would have thought to use the small pumpkins/gourds and candy. One of the cutest ideas I’ve seen in a long while.

  3. Autumn Mix Pearls…autumn is my absolute favorite season and both my daughters are in November babies,one was a Thanksgiving baby! It’s just an amazing season and the colors are beautiful and so are these pearls!

  4. I love the sixlets because as a child I remember my dad taking to the candy shop to get sweets and they were still just a nickel. Sweet memories.

  5. ooops, sorry, when entering I accidentally wrote in my instagram name in where it was asking for my pinterest name, hard to keep those separated sometimes…I went back in and tried to correct it…thanks!

  6. ooops, sorry, when entering I accidentally wrote in my instagram name in where it was asking for my pinterest name, hard to keep those separated sometimes…I went back in and tried to correct it…thanks!

  7. I love the Blots Jawbreaker because I can eat one for a long time and satisfy my sweet-tooth without eating handfuls of candy. I’ve loved jawbreakers since I was a kid.

  8. I love the Caramel Ovation Sticks because they are easy to take with me when I am shopping or traveling, and of course, they taste delicious!

  9. My favorite product is the Milk Chocolate Sports car. I gave these out as favors for my sun race car theme birthday. They were a hit and I got many request asking where I got them from.

  10. My favorite is Sixlets! They bring back good childhood memories of riding my bike to the corner store, Cole’s and getting a few for like 5 cents each small pack and were packaged in a small brown bag. <3

  11. I love all the designs, decorating the orange is such a fun idea with the Sixlets, but tastewise, I’m a Nerds candy girl at heart lolll.

  12. Niagara Chocolates solid milk chocolate foiled hearts! I love chocolate and a big bowl of these in my kitchen would be perfect!

  13. Sixlets or Nerds because they both remind me of my childhood! I can remember Sixlets being at the “candy” store on our way home for a penny a piece 🙂 Brings back a lot of memories!

  14. That is the coolest way to use an orange for holiday decorations I’ve seen yet! Very creative! But now I want candy LOL

  15. Sixlets, because I like the taste and they are in smaller individual wrappers that you can pop individually in your mouth. A fun way to eat them!

  16. What terrific ideas you’ve given me for my coffee/snack station. I’m a piano teacher & have parents & students coming over daily. The wheels are already turning as to how I’m going to decorate! Thanks! 🙂

  17. Any of the semi-solid chocolate bunnies. I have always loved hollow bunnies. You get just enough to satisfy your craving without getting a chocolate “high”.

  18. Ovation Milk Key Lime Break-A-Part. I’ve always loved the orange and dark chocolate, I never knew there were so many flavors!

  19. Ovation Dark Mint Filled Break-A-Part 15928 because you get that rich dark chocolate taste combined with the cool mint creme.

  20. I LOVE Sixlets. They remind me of my childhood because it was always my “go-to” candy. I’d suck the candy balls right out of the plastic.

  21. I love the the jawbreakers especially the one filled with gum because reminds me being a kid and eating it every Halloween

  22. I think the Orange Milk Chocolate Balls would be my favorite because I already like the chocolate orange you find in stores around the holidays. The flavor is unique and delicious.

  23. Shimmer™ Turquoise Sixlets® Party Jar ive always loved sixlets since i was a child there so good to let them just melt so so good

  24. This is so cute using the orange, the hot glue gun and of course the refrigerated Sixlets it is so cute, thank you for sharing this idea with us.

  25. I’ve always loved jawbreakers. The flavor of them, but moreso the sinful feeling of knowing how terrible they are for my teeth & eating them anyway! I’m going to order the Spooky Eyes Bag to hand out this year, but hopefully I don’t eat them all before then LOL. I haven’t seen these in store so having something different is nice, ya know? Thank you for hosting this giveaway & good luck to all!~

  26. What beautiful centerpiece idea. I love this and I love the idea of turning candy into centerpieces it sure would stop me from eating it all!

  27. This is a very creative use of candy and gum balls. My favorite is the Jack-O-Lantern face center piece. Thank you for sharing this great craft post.

  28. My favorite SweetWorks product is the Milk Chocolate Dinosaur “Surprise” Egg. It’s super cute and a very unique idea sure to make anyone smile.

  29. Nerds are my favorite of their Halloween candy, in particular the rainbow version. As someone with milk allergies, it’s nice to have a milk-free option.

  30. i love these and they are so decorative too,this would be great for my husbands job he is a manager and they are always looking for great Halloween decoration ideas

  31. Sixlets Are one of my favs and I like them best because my kids don’t eat them and I get to keep them for MY candy stash on Halloween

  32. My favorite product is the Milk Chocolate Dinosaur “Surprise” Egg because eating yummy chocolate with a surprise inside makes it so much more fun!

  33. These are adorable decoration and what fun they would be to make..I have not even started decorating yet but I think I might start with a few of these ideas 🙂

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