Oreo Pumpkin Lollipops

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With Halloween around the corner, I decided to share my delicious and fun Oreo Pops recipe. Everyone in the house loved these babies and they were gone almost as quickly as I made them.
Oreo Pumpkin Lollipops - DIY Oreo Pops

Oreo Pops – Perfect Fall Snack

These Oreo Pops shaped like pumpkins were super easy to make and you can make them the focal point of your Halloween party or put bags over them and give them out as handmade treats to the neighborhood kids. I made about 10, but if I had a large display, I could have filled the entire display. I displayed the Oreos in a pumpkin basket where I chopped the top off, a flower foam with moss to keep it in place and on top to hide the foam.
Oreo Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin- DIY Oreo Pops
I picked up my Halloween Oreos and icing at Walmart and could not help, but grab some other snacks for my Halloween party next week. I grabbed Wheat Thins in the Spicy Buffalo flavor and some multi-grain as well.

Oreo Pops Shopping List

Here is what you will need if you want to make your own Oreo pops shaped like pumpkins.

Display Materials

This is what I used to make my pumpkin display. Only a few things, pretty easy!
  • Flower Foam
  • Vase or basket
  • Green Moss

How To Make Oreo Pops Shaped Like Jack-O-Lanterns

Here is a step-by-step tutorial with pictures to show you how easy it is to make your own Oreo pops for fall. Decorate them however you like, it’s pretty simple to make them your own.

Oreo icing recipe-0043
 Oreo icing recipe-0043
Disassemble the Oreo, but keep the cookie and filling intact. Add 3/4 tsp of orange cream cheese icing in between.
 Oreo icing-0050 Oreo icing-0052
Before putting the Oreo back together, put the lollipop stick into the icing. Now, you can put the Oreo back together. Do this carefully. If you squish it too much, the icing will just squirt out and make a huge mess.
If you are making these with your kids, help them with this step.
Oreo Jack-O-Lantern Recipe-0054 Oreo Jack-O-Lantern Recipe-0058
Use the icing that dries hard to create the jack-o-lantern face on the pumpkin Oreo. Let, it dry for the recommended amount of time which 4 minutes, but I waited 10 minutes before sticking the lollipop Oreos into the floral foam.
Oreo Jack-O-Lantern Recipe-0059
I added the green food colored icing to the top of the Oreo with a butter knife.

Oreo Jack-O-Lantern Recipe-0059

There you go! Aren’t they the cutest? You simply have to try and make some too! I love the little smiles on the cookies. They make a really festive centerpiece and a yummy snack too.

Oreo Pumpkin Lollipops - DIY Oreo Pops Oreo Pumpkin Lollipops - DIY Oreo Pops Oreo Jack-O-Lantern Recipe-00651 Oreo Pumpkin Lollipops -0114

How to Eat Oreo Pops

This is the fun part! How do you eat your oreo pops? Do you dunk the pumpkin in milk like I do? My kids love just eating them right off the stick. No matter how you do it, these treats are super delicious and just a whole lot of fun to look at too.

Oreo Pumpkin Lollipop Dessert-0126 Halloween Dessert-0129

Are Oreo Pops Safe For Kids To Eat?

As you can see, they are great for any age! Be careful when letting toddlers eat the Oreo pops. If they fall, they might poke themselves with the popsicle stick. For children this young, maybe take the cookies off the stick.

I kept the stick really long so they don’t become a choking hazard.

Halloween Dessert-0132

How to Make Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Pops

This is the super easy version of Oreo pops. They don’t involve any dipping and waiting for the coating to dry. Just a little icing – and you’re done!

But if you want a completely covered Oreo, here’s how to make them:

  1. Melt some chocolate melts (I love white chocolate ones the best.)
  2. Disassemble the Oreos like I did earlier
  3. Put a popsicle stick in the middle of the Oreo
  4. Put the cookie back together
  5. Dip the Oreo pop into the melted chocolate
  6. Place on parchment paper to harden
  7. Decorate with orange icing (for a Jack O Lantern) or with Fall-colored sprinkles.

Whether you make my Oreo pops are some chocolate dipped ones, these cookies are a classic and really fun to turn into other desserts.

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What do you think of the Oreo Pumpkin Lollipops? Would you grab them at a Halloween party?

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  1. Ok, those are the cutest little oreo pops I have ever seen! I just love them! My kids would freak out! They love oreos as it is, but this makes them fun!

  2. Honestly, this is super cute and easy enough for real moms to make. I love that they are not giant servings either. Gotta love Walmart. . . they just made ours into a super store with all the groceries!

  3. LOL she is right in there loving those 🙂 I think this is such a fun recipe and probably something I could have the grandchildren help me out with.. thanks for share


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