Cute Birth Announcements

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I am officially announcing my child’s birth to my readers and to my friends and family! These days people announce this sort of thing on Facebook or even twitter. I am a huge fan of announcing monumental events, like having a child to my close friends and family via a traditional avenue using birth announcements.

I prefer mailing birth announcements to only announcing on Facebook for several reasons:

1. Not all my friends and family are on social media. I want everyone to hear the good news not just my friends and few family members that are on Facebook!
2. I want my friends and family to have physical pictures of my daughter to frame or put on their fridge. I keep out photo Christmas cards, photo baby announcements, and wedding save the dates on my fridge for a while. I love looking at happy moments in my friends’ and family’s lives.
3.  I love receiving mail and I suspect other people do too!  Everyday, I get the mail in the hopes that there will something fun besides bill and advertisements in it. Sometimes it is a magazine or a package, but other times it is a picture card from a friend or family. I adore all of it!

Cute Birth Announcements









Which birth announcement is your favorite?

Sharing is caring!

19 thoughts on “Cute Birth Announcements”

  1. These are very sweet. I wish i could have done them for my daughters, but I felt we needed to save the money for diapers instead.

  2. Congratulations!! My favorite is the one where Camilla is wearing the hat on her head and is asleep, it is after the one with the glittery letters.

  3. Adorable baby and congrats to you and your husband. These birth announcements are really so pretty. I like the top one and the last one the best.These are announcement that are going to be kept as a keepsakes for everyone.


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