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My friends and family were recently strolling along the indoor flea market in Coral Spring, Florida when I saw an awesome bathing suit on a mannequin. The Resa accentuates the waist making it look like you are wearing a belt! As soon as I have a waist to accentuate, I am getting one! I was shocked that there was something so high fashion at this event. The designer of Noelle bathing suits recently moved to the area and was getting rid of her sample bathing suits.


My sister and I tried on a ton amazing bathing suits from last season and fell in love with quite a few. I only fit into a one piece suits because I am still not back to my normal size, but my sister found a few tops (the Kira) and bottoms(the Betty) and one piece that fit her perfectly. Noelle really knows how to fit a woman’s body. She has been selling her one pieces and bikinis at places like Net-A-Porter, Nikki Beach House Boutique in Miami, Four Season Resort in Hawaii, Sirene CollectionAnthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and ModCloth! Noelle’s bathing suits have been featured in Elle, Nylon, Fitness, and US Weekly. The designer, Noelle is super sweet and has amazing style. She also recently released a new bathing suit collection and a ready to wear collection.


I am wearing the Alli in Navajo print from last season. Aztec & Navajo print are still in and I am still loving this print! So bright and fun! It is a one price bathing suit that can be worn 2 ways. I like it because it covers my tummy problem area (remember I just had a baby) and accommodates my breast feeding giant boobs! The suit also looks great on my sister! The alli can be worn two ways. You can wear it with the strap around your neck and show off a plunging neckline or wear it like a halter to give off a more demure keyhole. The keyhole does not work for me as I need all the support I can get. My hubby love the bathing suit as it shows off what we call the “the ladies!”  She is giving me the Caley in black to give away to my readers. Stay tuned this week!

What do you think of Noelle’s bathing suits?

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6 thoughts on “Noelle Bathing Suits”

  1. Always on the lookout for a well made, fashionably designed swimsuit. Never heard of this Designer but definitely will look her up to see what other styles she may have. Thanks for the tip!

  2. This bathing suit looks very nice on you! I’ve been a seamstress/designer for close to 30 years now, so I’m always interested in viewing what others have. It’s shocking to see that a 2 piece will often sell for $50.00+.


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