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Daylight Savings Time is quickly approaching and, for many moms, that leads to nervousness and anxiety about their baby’s sleep patterns. How will baby adjust to the time change? Will that mean an earlier wake up time for both little ones and their parents?

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We have been using Pamper since day one and have started buying the Swaddlers for day and the Baby Dry for night. We don’t have any more wake ups for wet diapers now that we are using an over-night diaper that holds in the moisture. Also, there is not a rush  to get the diaper off as soon as she wakes up. We can wait a few moments to get some play or extra hug time in!

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A 2013 survey conducted by Pampers found that nearly one-quarter of mothers (24%) felt that a dry diaper was the number one thing that enabled their baby to sleep through the night. Moms instinctively understand the importance of sleep – and research proves her right! Sleep contributes to well-being in many ways, from physical and cognitive development to sociability and day-to-day mood. That’s why Pampers is so committed to keeping baby dry during the most important parts of their day: love, play and sleep. Through Pampers’ extensive research on sleep, they’ve learned that babies are more vulnerable to waking up when they’re wet. Unlike other diapers that offer two layers, Pampers diapers have three absorbent layers that provide up to 12 hours of overnight dryness protection. It’s Pampers hope to minimize sleep disruptions so that little ones get the sweet slumber they deserve and need!

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Pampers Daylight Savings Time Twitter Party

Wednesday October 29th at 9pm EST.

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Twitter Party Prizes Include:

· Prize 1 – Twinkles Nightlight in Blue, 148 ct of Pampers diapers and a pack of wipes.
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· Prize 3 – A gift card to The $125 Children’s Place for pajamas, a pack of Pampers diapers/wipes
· Prize 4 – A Kindle Fire so parents can purchase baby bedtime books, an $100 Amazon gift card to purchase the e-books, a pack of Pampers diapers and wipes.

Pampers Daylight Savings Giveaway

One April Golightly reader will receive coupons for free Pampers Diapers and Wipes.

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89 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time & Pampers Giveaway Ends 11/10”

  1. I am ready and I love it. It never really bothers me because my work schedule is always crazy anyways! The kiddos usually do wake up earlier when this happens, I guess like all things you just get used to it! However, I have always loved Pampers! 🙂

  2. I am so not ready! I have a 6 month old who does not sleep through the night, so I’m really worried about it. We’re trying to move his bedtime back a little each day this week so that when we do Fall Back its not so bad, but we’ll see.

  3. I apologize in advance, I am truly sorry you all go through these weird times. I live in Hawaii so we do not have such changes. We do not set the clock back and then forward, etc. We always have a never-ending/never-stop-ticking clock. Am I ready for Day Light Savings Time? No, I always have to remember what time I can call my mom in Nevada. As for overnight diapers, yes. I do not like the wash the sheets every 2-3 days.

  4. My baby is only 8 weeks so we dont use over night diapers yet…… ahhh very nervous about the time change hope he does ok wish me luck that i dont lose too much sleep lol

  5. I’m ok with the Daylight Savings time. I don’t even notice it. We don’t use overnight diapers for my little one yet. I guess I should once he gets older.

  6. We Just bought the night time diapers this weekend because my 19month old son was starting to really leak at night. I LOVE the night time Diapers.
    As for daylight savings time, its always a challenge! Try my best to just start all routines as smoothly as possible.

  7. Looking forward to the extra hour. Baby should be fine, he sleeps through the night just fine even at 4 months. He’ll most likely just wake up at 8 instead of 9, which is no big deal, he’s done that before anyway.

  8. I don’t really enjoy the time change! It seems like you get your little ones into a good schedule and this just sets them back.

  9. I love daylight savings time with the extended hours of light. I use regular diapers. Go to bed an hour later than usual to ease into daylight savings time.

  10. It always takes me awhile to adjust to the time change! My grandson wears overnight diapers and he is expecting a baby sister in November (so we use lots of diapers!)

  11. The end of daylight savings is a great time for me. My son has autism, so his sleeping pattern is off. He is an hour behind the rest of the world during the spring & summer months. It is when daylight savings ends that he is back in track.

  12. I like an extra hour of sleep. the time change doesn’t seem to affect the little ones or our schedule. Love using pampers.

  13. I just go with the flow when it comes to DST, not sure what tips I could use except go to bed earlier than usual. I do use overnight diapers.

  14. I am ready for daylight savings. I do not use overnight diapers right now, but I will when my baby is born! Tips for daylight savings…go to bed early!

  15. I am NOT ready for daylight savings time. it’s definitely true, when they say people get depressed in the winter. I wish it could be summer time forever! When my babies were little, we did use overnight diapers, even after they were almost potty trained. This would save us time from having to change a wet bed in the morning.

  16. I am currently using diapers on my youngest. I don’t really have any tried and true tips. I just try to get my kids to bed a little earlier each day for the week pre-time change.

  17. We start adjusting the bedtime and morning routines about a week before day light savings so it’s not such a shock to the little ones routine.

  18. We start adjusting the bedtime and morning routines about a week before day light savings so it’s not such a shock to the little ones routine.

  19. I don’t mind the time change. And my niece does use the overnight Pampers. Thanks for the chance to win April.

  20. I am ready for daylight savings time, but it does mess me and my little grandson up for a little while. We get tired earlier. And yes, we do use Pampers overnight diapers. They’re the only ones that work without having accidents through the night.

  21. We used a lot of Pampers with my kids and for daylight savings time, I was glad to see it so it wasn’t so dark when my kids went to school

  22. I like the Daylight Savings Time in the fall because of the extra hour of sleep. I’m not worried about it affecting my son’s sleep but in the spring I’ll be more worried. I’m due the end of December with our second child!! And, yes, we use Pampers faithfully and the overnight ones too. Thanks for hosting this and the chance to win some Pampers®!

  23. I hate the fall day,ight savings bc it gets dark here at like 430pm…. And I’m tired at that time..,, I literally wanna go to bed at 5! But can’t bcuz gotta take care of the kiddos!
    I use pampers baby dry and swear by them! She doesn’t need to get changed at all over night. I change her before bed/after tubby around 730/830 and she goes until 730/830 the next morning. It’s great! Love pampers!

  24. Daylight savings is a jolt to the system but we soon get accustomed to it. I don’t use the overnights as my kids are too big for them now.

  25. I am always ready, never really affects us. I have never tried overnight diapers. But I think its time now my son is sleeping threw the night,

  26. I am ready and I survive by just looking at the bright side, dark earlier and light out earler. Yes still in diapers 24/7

  27. yes, we were prepared for Daylight savings! Baby D just uses regular diapers overnight but that will probably change as she gets older and we try and treasure these moments we have together because i know she will be our last blessing!

  28. I am never ready for the change. I really don’t like it getting dark so early in the evening. I wish we would do what Arizona does and not change.

  29. April,

    In my experience I’ve found cloth diapers to work better than disposables for nighttime in preventing leaks. They’re also a ton cheaper (I only had to buy 3 EVER instead of enough to get me through 2 – 3 years) and since my little guy doesn’t poop at night, I don’t have to worry about dealing with the icky poop factor.

    After a ton of research I found my bullet proof nighttime solution is a Pooters Hemp Fitted diaper. It’s designed for up to 12 hours of leakage protection, the fibers are all natural so its good for my little guy’s sensitive skin and he never gets rashes, the elastic in the legs and back give a snug fit and prevent blow-outs, and the flexible waistband and stretchy fabric lets my little guy twist and turn without restriction and without leaks.

    Have you ever considered using cloth diapers for nighttime?

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