Diaper Clutch Essentials

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Since my daughter is getting older and using diapers less and less, I have started carrying a diaper clutch instead of a diaper bag. It feel so much better not having to lug around a giant bag. Have you seen how huge diaper bags are now? My shoulder is killing me just looking at one. I slimmed down the diaper bag to a light weight diaper clutch that I can just though into my purse or the bottom of a stroller.

The way to lighten up your diaper clutch is to fill it only with essentials that you will need on the go. When I say essentials, I mean it! You will notice that I skipped the changing pad. My daughter no longer lays down to be changed. She allows me to change her standing up. Kicking the changing pad, makes the clutch much easier to handle.



Diaper-Clutch-EssentialsDiaper Clutch Essentials

2 Diapers or Pull Ups
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste
Small Toys

Butt Paste Clucth (5 of 5) Butt Paste Clucth (4 of 5) Butt Paste Clucth (3 of 5) Butt Paste Clucth (2 of 5)


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