Dinner Out During Pregnancy

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You are probably exhausted from making a baby inside you, but you should make time for your significant other. Make sure to MAKE time for dinner out during pregnancy. I came to the realization that my husband and have not had nearly enough alone time together. We were married in June and got pregnant in September. Although we were definitely trying to conceive, we did not realize that it was going to be that easy. I am definitely not complaining as I expected it to be difficult process and understand how hard it is for some parents. I thought that it would it take at least three to six months. I think it might have been the first try for us. We are super happy that it was so easy, but I wish I had more one-on-one time with my hubby. We have instituted a night out at least once per week with just each other. Usually, we go to dinner and sometimes to a movie if something good is out. We actually had the entire weekend to ourselves last weekend. We slept all day on Saturday. It was heavenly.


I chose to wear this low cut Motherhood maternity dress that hugs my belly and shows off my pregnancy bust line. The shoes are the only heels that don’t make me tip during pregnancy. They are actually comfortable. I don’t know how these celebrities continue to wear high heels. Props to Kim and Kate.


:: Dinner Out During Pregnncy Outfit ::

Dress :: Motherhood Short Sleeve Drape Front Dress

Shoes :: Liz Claiborne Olympic Wedge Sandals from JCP

Bracelet :: Western Wonder by Jewelmint (last worn here) (somewhat similar)

Necklace :: Rose Pendant with Gray Ribbon (similar)

Bag :: Gum Wrapper Bag (similar)

jewelry_medium, dinner out during pregnancy




Did you go out to dinner a lot during pregnancy?

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9 thoughts on “Dinner Out During Pregnancy”

  1. You look so beautiful, that dress is awesome on you! I love all of the accessories too. Can you believe it’s almost June? 🙂

  2. Time together before the little one arrives is so important. DH and I were married a little over 5 years when Nick was born, and I’m so glad we had that us time because we can’t find it now. Both Nick and DH’s job have something to do with that though.


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