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macys culinary council

The Macy’s Culinary Council is an amazing collection of acclaimed chefs that travel the country doing cooking demonstrations for Macy’s customer. I visited Macy’s in the Aventura Mall where Chef Michelle Bernstein dazzled me with her skills and comedy.

Chef Michelle Bernstein cooked up some Latin favorites for an audience at Macy’s in Aventura, Florida. She is the Chef at Miami mainstays including Michy’s and Crumb on Parchment. Chef Berstein also taught us some of her culinary secrets including how to make crispy garlic. She put the garlic in a shrimp and grits recipe that somehow did not have that overwhelming garlicky taste that has been making sick lately (#pregnancyproblem #1).


Chef Michelle Bernstein’s Mother and Father were in the audience right in front of me. It was a great experience to see her interaction with them. In fact, I think it was my favorite part of the entire event.  They have a great relationship and are basically a comedic team that should start touring with their antics.
Chef Bernstein’s Mother came in and immediately gave her daughter a half of a meat loaf sandwich for her to eat. I guess the Mothering never stops even when your daughter is a famous Chef. At one point, Michelle’s parents just started laughing at her for no apparent reason. At least, the comedy was not apparent to me. I could not help, but laugh along with them even without knowing what I was laughing at. After attending this Macy’s Culinary Council event, I feel like I know Chef Bernstein and like her even more than before. On Top Chef, she is just another Judge. Now, she is so much more! Once the baby comes and we have some time, we are definitely going on a date to one of her restaurants.


The menu that she prepared for the audience was delicious! I did not eat much of the dessert as I am avoiding sugar and carbs right now due to gestational diabetes, but the bite that I had was heavenly.


Steak au Poivre

Caesar Salad

Shrimp Braised with Jerez Wine, Creamy Gritz, Gremolata, Crunchy Garlic

Banana Tres leches Cake

If you want the recipe for any of these, please feel free to email via contact me page. Also, I will probably be posting about my own attempts to make these.







Macy’s Culinary Council hooked up the audience by giving them a deal. If you spent $40 or more at Macy’s Home Department on the day of the event,  you will receive a $10 Gift Card and a copy of Michelle Bernstein’s book Cuisine a Latina, which she signed after the culinary demonstration. I just moved and downsized my kitchen space so I need to purge before I purchase so this did not make sense for me. I was sad not get a copy of the book. Cuisine a Latina is now on my wish list.





There are more Macy’s Culinary Council events coming up, look for one near you here. There are other fun events happening in June near me including M.A.C. Temperature Rising, June Fit Matters, and Levi’s Step Into Denim.  Find all upcoming Macy’s events near you here.


Which dish are you dying to try from Michelle Bernstein’s recipes?



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