DIY Hashtag Coffee Cup with Paperless Coupons

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Lately, I have been going to Walgreens about once per week to shop for nail polish. I have been trying to add some variety to my nails by wearing a different color every week and featuring it on the blog. Since I am constantly taking pictures to put on Instagram, I thought I would make a DIY Hashtag Coffee Cup with my favorite hashtag #NailSwag on it. I used the new Walgreens Paperless coupons to save money on the Sharpies and Revlon nail polish I used to create this DIY.



This is what you need to create the DIY Hashtag Coffee Cup: 
Reusable Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup

Black Sharpie

1. Pick your favorite hashtag. You can find some ideas by looking on Instagram.

#nailswag sharpie DIY
2. Use the sharpie to practice writing the hashtag out on pad before writing it on the reusable coffee cup. You could even practice on a plastic throw away cup.

3. Once you are confident enough to write the hashtag on the cup, use the sharpie to write it in a location that will not be covered when you hold the cup.

IMG_0910 IMG_0917 IMG_0918 IMG_0919
4. Lastly, take a selfie holding the cup and use the hashtag to share on social media.

DIY Hashtag Coffee Cup #shop-0927

#nailswag #shop-

It is really easy to use the paperless coupons on the Walgreens App or online. First, download the Walgreens App. Then, I added my Balance Reward card to the App. I “clipped” some coupons while I was in the store for the items I wanted to purchase. You can also scan your items with your phone to see if something is for sale. I used the Walgreens Mobile App as my Balance Reward card at check out to use my paperless coupons and also to gain Balance Reward points.  

If you like to use coupons and save money, make sure you down load the Walgreens app and clip some paperless coupons for your next shopping trip!

Have you tried Walgreens Paperless Coupons yet?

Sharing is caring!

35 thoughts on “DIY Hashtag Coffee Cup with Paperless Coupons”

  1. I love the app as well, it is SO easy to use, and it has saved me quite a bit of money! Love your #Cup super cute, and love the nails! I need to practice on having a cute manicure like you! I always tend to get on skin and cuticles, and can be a little messy!

  2. This is pretty fun, I can see my tween doing this and blowing up Instagram. I love that you were able to save even more on the great prices with Walgreens paperless coupons!

  3. I have not tried Walgreens paperless coupons yet but I am not opposed to it! I would love to make one of these cool cups though!

  4. I never use coupons. Mainly because I’m too lazy to hunt for them. This app is awesome. Now I can just use that and forget about all the coupon searching.

  5. No… I actually haven’t yet but I have been so super-busy over the last couple of weeks. I keep meaning to look into it further and plan to now that things are getting back to normal

  6. I have just started using the Walgreens app and I find it so much easier than clipping coupons. I don’t worry about forgetting my coupons and the whole transaction is noted on my Rewards Card.

  7. Such a great idea, LOVE it!! I do not know what my hashtag would be. Maybe #NeedCoffeeNOW or #CoffeGivesYouWings 🙂 hehehehe I would probably have to buy two cups!

  8. i love your nails , i have super long nails that grow so fast, what a great blog i use the balance rewards but didnt know there was a app, thanks for the tips !


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