Netflix Pick: Lost Girl

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This is going to be a thing. Every week I, Kevin, will be making a pick of the current Netflix catalog and recommending it as the Netflix Pick of the Week.

This week my pick is a TV series from north of the border, Lost Girl. The show is set in an unnamed North American city and centers around Bo, a sexy and seductive woman who finds out that she isn’t human at all but a chi draining succubus. Each week Bo and her adorable sidekick Kenzi have to balance Bo’s precarious position on the world of the fae as well as a typical freak of the week.

While some of the solutions to their problems fall into the deus ex machina variety the hilarious banter between Kenzi and Bo more than make up for it.

The production values are pretty low, but the cast is very attractive and the dialog is sharp and witty. That is why Lost Girl is my Netflix Pick of the Week. Season 4 is available now!

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