DIY Heart Shoes

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DIY Heart Shoes

I have been dying to buy these Charlotte Olympia Love Shoes since I saw them, but the price tag has not bugged. They are being sold for a whopping $1,450.00! I made my own fun DIY Heart Shoes out of my leopard comfort plus pumps from Payless.


Tools & Supplies
Felt Hearts 
Hot Glue Gun 

How to Make Heart Shoes-28301

Using these shoes as a pseudo template, start by peeling the stickers off the back and placing them where you want. The place to take liberties and make your own designs is on the heel and on the toe area.

Charlotte Olympia Heart Shoes

Heart Pumps-2741 Felt Hearts-2739

Before you glue the hearts, you could sandpaper the area where you will be sticking the hearts. I did for a few of them, but not all. It really depends on what you are glueing them to. Then, use glue gun to spread the glue thinly on the heart. Blow on the glue for a second, then place the heart on the shoe.

Superglue Hearts-2762

Put the larger hearts down first and work the little hearts around it. The heart all face outward.

DIY Heart Pumps-2738

Here is the toddler version that I made to match mine. My daughter will get more use out of them than me. She looks super cute in them!

DIY Baby Heart Shoes

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What do you think of the DIY Heart Shoes?

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21 thoughts on “DIY Heart Shoes”

  1. Great idea! i never think to alter shoes at all, but it’s a great compromise to those terrible high prices. I add some rhinestones and glitter too! 😉

  2. Such a cute idea for Valentines. Those baby shoes are to die for! Can’t wait for my little girl to get here (8 more weeks!) so I can make her cute shoes like these!

  3. Those are so cute! And what a fun way to make your shoes really shine and be unique. My daughter would flip for those cute heart sandals.

  4. Too cute! What a great way to embellish a pair of shoes. Love the sandals too! Adorable! 🙂 Gotta give this a try! 🙂


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