25 Sexy Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas 2020

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Every year, I love getting dressed up in a Sexy Valentine’s Day Outfit for the big holiday.

Red dresses and heart dresses are the first dress choices that come to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day. Here are some awesome Sexy Valentine’s Day Outfit ideas on what to wear on valentine’s day. 

Sexy Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Red Dresses for Valentine’s Day 

I am all about red dresses for Valentine’s Day!  The color red signifies love and passion and is definitely an attention getter. You can easily transition a red dress from the Christmas Party season or New Year’s Eve into a Valentine’s Dress. There are a ton of amazingly sexy red dresses to choose from on the market.

I purchased this sexy red dress from ASOS. It is a scuba material and is very comfortable and, of course, complement garnishing. I wore it to dinner a few weeks ago and everyone was going goo goo over it. 

In order to wear a red dress with confidence, you need to find the best red choice for your skin tone. Not all red dresses are created equal. You might need to experiment to find your perfect red shade.

valentine's day red dresses

Sexy Valentine's Day Outfit 

Figure out how to match your red dresses on Valentine’s Day and beyond with this helpful guide to wearing red

Hot Pink Dress for Valentine’s Day 

There are so many different shades of pink out there that would work for a date on Valentine’s Day. There is bound to be a pink color that suits you. You can wear anything from neon pink to classic blush pink dress. 
If you are looking to stand out on Valentine’s Day, this hot pink dress is a great choice. This tulle dress comes in hot pink, light pink, or black. It is available for Valentine’s Day this year! CHECK IT OUT HERE. 

hot pink valentine's day dress

Light Pink Dress for Day 

You can choose a light pink dress for your Valentine’s date. This light pink dress is actually under $50 from Shein. They always have coupon codes so you will probably be able to get it for under $30 if you buy a few other pieces. There is s0 much to choose from on the site, I alway find a ton of things to buy. 

light pink valentine's day dress

Tulle Skirt for Valentine’s Day  

There is something about tulle that reminds me of Valentine’s Day. I love a classic black skirt with a cute top for a fun and sexy Valentine’s Day Outfit. My favorite way to wear a tulle skirt is with a sexy v-neck top. 

Romper for Valentine’s Day

Rompers can be very sexy for Valentine’s Day. They are a fun way to get dressed up for a date or dance without having to wear a dress. You can wear a romper on Valentine’s Day in red, pink, metallic, white, or black. Since rompers have become so popular, there are so many choices for Valentine’s Day. 

You can choose to wear a romper that is more covered up on top so that the sexiness is focused on your legs. There are some beautiful romper choices on ASOS that are available from tiny size like size zero to plus sizes.

Valentine's Day romper

Bandage Dress 

For Valentine’s Day, you can wear a very sexy body conscious dress like a bandage dress. These dresses are very sneaky because they hold you in and act as a Spanx without having to wear shape wear underneath. If you want to wear something form fitting, but skip the shape wear, bandage dresses should be your choice. 

The best bandage dresses that suck you in the most are from Herve Ledger and BCBG. The former can be quite pricey, but you can find deals on them on Poshmark.


Bandage Skirt 

As with the bandage dress, you can wear a bandage skirt on a Valentine’s date to suck you in without having to wear Spanx. You can wear the bandage dress with a flowing top for a sexy Valentine’s Day look. 

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Here is another cute way to wear bandage skirts with a fun sexy pink top. 

pink print top with pink bandage skirt

Red Lace Dress  

You cannot go wrong on Valentine’s Day with a red lace dress. I wore a red lace dress for a very nice dinner with my husband at the Addison. Thus sexy red dress is also from BCBG. 



Pink Leopard 

Nothing says sexy Valentine’s Day outfit like pink leopard. It is such a fun print for V-day celebrations. Here are some fun pink leopard pieces to check out in 2020. 

Heart Print  

I just love heart print for Valentine’s Day. It is a cute choice for Valentine’s Day celebrations and dates. Personally, I love heart print all year. I think it is fun choice to wear all year as well as on Valentine’s Day. 

Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a great choice for Valentine’s Day. You cannot go wrong with this choice. It is always a classic. I am absolutely in love with this Maggy London dress. It has been around and is a classic LBD choice. https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/maggy-london-illusion-yoke-crepe-sheath-dress-regular-petite/3618947/lite

Little Black Dress

Short skater dress

I am in love with this pearl embellished short skater dress. I found it on Amazon and have been wearing it for a while. It would be super cute for Valentine’s Day outfit. 

LBD Valentine's Day Outfit

Sexy sequin dress

This sexy sequin dress is a great choice for Valentine’s Day. It is basically a LBD, but with extra flair. 

Little Black Dress for Valentine's Day

Little Black Dress for Valentine's Day Little Black Dress for Valentine's Day

Pink velvet dress

I found this dress over the holiday break and fell in love with it. It is super soft, comfortable and sexy. It is a great choice for a Valentine’s Date dress. 

Red Top and Black Pants 

For your sexy Valentine’s Day Outfit, you can wear black jeans and a cute red top. 

White Jeans and Cute Pink Top

pink print top with white jeans_

Top and Faux Leather Pants

You can also wear a super cute top with faux leather pants. I know everyone is in love with Spanx faux leather pants, but my favorite are these faux leather pants from commando. 

Bodycon Dress

A bodycon dress in almost any color is great for Valentine’s Day. 

royal blue bodycon valentine's day

Red and Pink 

Sara Jessica Parker wore a red and hot pink dress years ago and ever since then, I have been in love with the colors together. They are a perfect color match for Valentine’s Day. 

Neon Pink 

You have to consider neon pink if you want to stand out on Valentine’s Day. The works really well if you live in a tropical climate like I do. 

Neon pink dress for

Feminie Florals 

Red floral for Valentine's Day_-2

Red Gown

Red Gown for Valentine's Day



What sexy Valentine’s Day Outfit will you wear?







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