Spread the Love with Valentine’s Day Cards

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Spread the Love with Valentine’s Day Cards

It is time to spread the love with Valentine’s Cards! I have chosen to spread the love with my close friends and family this year by sending out Tiny Prints Valentine’s Day card with my daughter’s photos from her first 6 months of life. I have become a professional baby photographer since I gave birth because I take photos of her everyday! Forget about those month photos that people are taking, I am doing everyday with either my professional Canon camera or my iPhone. Here are some of my favorite Tiny Prints Cards to send to friends and family this year:

Spread the Love with Valentine's Day Cards from Tiny Prints #aprilgolightly

If you have a ton of photos of your family or just your kids, then you should definitely get a Valentine’s Card to send to your friends and family with 3 plus photo slots. Tiny Prints also has a customization option that allows you to add up 3 photos on the back. I chose the Happy You Are Loved Day card below with 2 photos on the back. That makes 6 total photos on my cards! Also, you can access photos from Shutterfly, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, and Smug Mug. I pulled my photos from Shutterfly and my computer. It was super easy!

Striped Sweethears from Tiny Prints Valentine's Day Family Cards

Photo Valentine's Day Card for family photos from Tiny Prints #aprilgolightly

fulfilled feeling valentine's day photo cards hallmark charcoal gray from Tiny Prints #aprilgolightly

Sending Our Love 1 photo Valentine's Day Family Card from Tiny Prints #aprilgolightly

If you are a newly wed or just want to share your love with your friends and family, this card is perfect!

Couple newly wed valentine's cards from Tiny Prints #aprilgolightly

Since my daughter is not in school yet, I do not have the need for classroom Valentines. Once she is in school, I will definitely be putting together custom classroom Valentines to give out to her classmates. I wish Tiny Prints had this when I was a kid. How cool?!

Custom Classroom Valentine's Day cards girl from Tiny Prints #aprilgolightlyBoy Custom owlfully_friendly-valentine's_day_cards_for_kids-sarah_hawkins_designs-stormy_blue-blue

Tiny Prints recently opened a new site called Treat where you can make single custom e-cards or physical cards. I am using Treat to make my hubby a custom Valentine’s Cards with our photo on it. The one below is perfect because it’s true!

Custom Card for your boyfriend or husband truly_yours-valentine's_day_cards-magnolia_press-milk-neutral

Custom Husband Card for Valentine's Day from Treat and hallmark-walnut-brown

I am a Tiny Prints Affiliate and absolute love the cool stuff they make and the amazing customer service they provide. If you intend to make any purchases from Tiny Prints, please click to the site using the links in this post so that I get credit! Thanks so much!

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