Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

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The love season is upon us and while normally we are making reservations for a date night with your significant other, now that we have kids in school, we have to think about the cards and gifts our kids are bringing into school. I am super excited to be partnering with Minted on this collaboration so that I can show you all the classroom valentines that I have fallen in love with!

Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

This year my daughter picked her classroom valentine cards from Minted. She has really been into Narwhals and Unicorns lately. The pink narwhal card was the big winner this year. We got little envelopes and personalized narwhal stickers to make cute cards for the kids to open.

The Kindergarten teachers asked that the Valentine’s card not be addressed specifically to make them easier to hand out. I made a quick edit to the ‘to’ area to say friend so that my daughter did not have to fill out the cards.

Getting creative and putting these cards together for her classmates was really fun and a bonding experience. This year we chose to go with non-photo cards classroom cards because we are new to the school and picture cards seemed odd. Last year, we had a smaller classroom where we had known the kids for year and picture cards were perfect for that situation.

Heart Themed Classroom Cards

Heart Classroom Cards
Heart Themed Classroom Cards

Robot Themed Classroom Valentines

My daughter absolutely loves pretending to be a robot. She came home one day from school saying “I am a robot, Ching, Ching” and doing the robot arm motions. It is hilarious and we love it so much. These cute classroom valentine cards are so perfect and adorbs.

Robot Valentines Cards
Tick Tack Toe Valentines Card
Valentine Stickers

Let the Photo be the Main Event

You can make the photo be the main attraction of the Valentine by ordering these tiny hearts classroom valentine’s cards.

Photo Valentines Day Cards

Cute Classroom Cards

Mermaid Cards

These adorable mermaid cards come with 3 different hair colors. You can match your little mermaid’s hair color – brown, blonde, and red. 🙂

Sweets Cards

The cool thing about Minted is that you can customize the card so that they are tags. These sweets valentine’s day card are the perfect tag for a bag or container of cookies. You can even makes cookies to match the card. How adorable would that be?

Cute Stickers

If you are giving the cards as Valentines with an envelope, you can get customized stickers and treat bags. How adorable are these heart stickers?!

Here are more of my favorite Custom Valentine’s Day Cards for the Classroom:

Valentine’s Day Cards for Friends & Family 

Here are the Valentine’s Day Cards that we are sending to our friends and family this year. We did not send out holiday card in December so this is the perfect way to tell our friends and family we did not forget them. 

To make the Valentine’s Day Card really special, we ordered custom postage with the heart confetti surrounding the picture. Check out the stamps here

More Valentine’s Day Ideas 

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  1. These are darling! What a fun twist on the traditional Valentines! Thanks for sharing with our Merry Monday link party last week.


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