10 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

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With the biggest love holiday right around the corner, I have been hunting for love clothes all week for the big day and beyond. Personally, I rock love outfits all year long and get so excited when love colors like red and pink are easier to find.

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Red Dresses

The red dress is a staple in my closet and is almost as common as little black dress. They are extremely easy to wear during the Christmas holiday, for New Year’s Eve and on Valentine’s Day. The color red signifies love and passion and is definitely an attention getter. 

If you are looking for love or passion in your life, red is a great choice. It has always been my go-to color to stand out. In fact, in college, I was known as the red bikini girl because (selfie lover even then) I allowed my apartment to use my photo to go along with a testimonial. It ended up on handouts that were used to promote the apartments long after I finished college. I just looked it up and it is finally gone! 

Red Dress for Valentine's Day

Here are some dresses that I went goo goo over today!

Pink Dresses

Get a pink dress like this sparkly one! For a Valentine’s Day Outfit, you can wear any shade of pink that suits your skin tone. I felt so sexy in this pink sparkly dress. Definitely size up when getting it and you have to wear shapewear unless you have a flat stomach. According to Brazilian Tradition, pink dresses will bring prosperity to you in the new year. If you are looking for prosperity in your life, pink is a great choice.

Here are some fabulous pink dress for you to choose from. I love shopping online at stores that I call no-risk online purchasing.

This way you can order a few things to make sure that you have one that fits without worrying about shipping costs to and from. ASOS is one of my faves because of the awesome return policy and their sizing options. For example, this sexy blush dress is available in sizes from 0 to 14. This online store makes online shopping so much easier!

Heart Print Love Clothes

Heart prints are one favorite Mommy and Me outfit choice. Hearts make my daughter smile and I sucker for making her happy. Here are some more Mommy and Daughter Matching Outfits.

Lip Print

Lip prints are
Lip prints are such a fun choice for Valentine’s Day. I love wearing kissing lip prints all year long, but it is especially fun on the love holiday.

Love Moschino

Have you seen all the fun they have at Love Moschino? The love clothes are for all year long, but they are super cute for Valentine’s Day too.

Rose Print

I love rose print all year long too. It is a very romantic print choice. How fantastic are these sets from Ganni? They look great on their own and together. Gotta love versitle pieces like these.

Gucci Hearts and Love Bags

Gucci has been sneaking in hearts on their bags lately. All the Gucci Marmont bags have hearts on the back. Some of the hearts are even more noticeable like the embellished rhinestone heart.

Gucci Heart Wallet

For Love and Lemons

I have been
I have been drooling over For Love and Lemons clothes since I discovered them maybe a year ago. They have the cutest stuff, but alas they do not make items in my size. I’m losing weight and For Love and Lemons are definitely on my to buy list. How great is that heart and lace dress?

I have teamed up with several awesome bloggers to share their take on Love and Valentine’s Day:

What are your favorite Love Clothes or Valentine’s Day Outfits Ideas? Leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Valentines day is really special event for those who have planning for the day and gives/takes gifts for their loved ones. You’re love because you always share something unique with us.


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