What to Wear on New Year’s Eve Based on Color Meaning 2020

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Updated December 2019 

I am so lucky to have a ton of impressive Brazilians working with me at the office.  Over the past year, I have picked up little nuggets about the Brazilian culture and more importantly about the delicious cuisine and the excellent style.  My favorite gem of knowledge was What to Wear on New Year’s Eve Based on Color Meaning. One of Brazilians that is equally style-obsessed told me about the Brazilian tradition of wearing white on New Year’s Eve to symbolize bringing peace in the new year. 

There are other colors that are worn to bring love, wealth, and all sorts of good things. Brazilians mostly stick to white for peace, yellow for success, and red for love. I did some research with the help of my Brazilian fashionistas, and we found 14 other meaningful color choices.

What to Wear on New Year’s Eve Based on Color Meaning

Pick out a color that suits your style and what you are looking for in the new year. Peace, love, or happiness?! All of them sound great! Where do I sign up? 

I am currently on the fence between yellow and red, but after making the video, I am digging the white dress. When do you get to wear a white party dress?  If you don’t feel like buying your dress, rent it instead from the company Rent the Runway.

White for Peace

White is the most popular color choice for New Year’s Eve in Brazil. If you search google images of Brazil New Years Eve, you will find a plethora of photo showing hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people on the beach in white on New Year’s Eve. In the Southern Hemisphere, New Year’s Eve is in the summer so it totally makes sense that they would wear white for peace on New Year’s Ever.

I hope someday to be in Brazil on New Year’s Eve. Forget freezing in Times Square, let’s go to the beach! It blows me away that the Brazilians choose white. It seems to me that it is the most selfless choice out of the meaningful colors. 

Wear White for Peace on NYE

Silver Means Modernism on New Year’s Eve 

If being on the cutting edge or bringing modernism is important to you in the coming year, silver is your dress color of choice. It makes sense that silver would be about being modern. Tech traditionally comes first in silver. The wave of the future in my mind is always silver.
I have been buying my new year’s dresses from ASOS for several years because they have 2 days shipping with free and easy returns. I consider it no-risk online purchasing because I order 4 dresses, wear one and send the rest back after the new year. This way you can make sure that you have one that fits without worrying about shipping costs. Shop ASOS Silver Dresses here
ASOS also has awesome sizing options. For example, this romper is available in sizes from 0 to 14. You can also get a plus sizes new year eve outfit from them. 


Silver for Modernism in the New Year

Check out this silver and black romper that is similar and available now. 


Wear Red for Love & Passion in the New Year

One of the top New Years colors is red. You can wear red to bring love and passion to your life in the upcoming year. I have read a lot about women wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve to bring love into their lives. You can choose your accessories by checking out the colors that go with red clothing post. 
You can choose a red dress or a pair of red shoes to add a pop of color to your new year’s outfit. Here are some awesome red dresses that you can get with 2 day shipping and free returns. 

Wear a red dress for love in the New Year


Get this red dress for New Years 2020 HERE from Nordstrom. It is available in red, hot pink, and black. Choosing red sets the tone of love for the whole year. In red or pink, you can also wear it for Valentine’s Day. 

new years eve dress


Wear Pink for Prosperity

There are so many different shades of pink out there. There is bound to be one that suits you. You can wear anything from neon pink to classic blush pink dress. According to Brazilian Tradition of color meaning, pink dresses will bring good luck and prosperity to you in the new year.
If you are looking to be successful, flourishing, or thriving in the new year, especially in financial respects, pink is a great choice. Cheers to a pink to a pink that flatters you and brings good fortune.  You can get this dress in hot pink, light pink, or black. It is available for New Year’s Eve 2020! CHECK IT OUT HERE. 
You can also wear these red or pink dresses on Valentine’s Day. Check out our 22 Sexy Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas here. 
hot pink new years eve dress
light pink new years eve dress


Chocolate Brown for Stability

New Year’s Eve is a rare occasion when wearing a specific color can guide the upcoming year. If you feel like you need some stability in your life in the next year, you can wear Chocolate for Stability this NYE. Chocolate brown looks awesome with gold which is supposed to bring wealth in the new year.
You can spice up a chocolate brown dress with a chunky gold arm party and gold pumps or sandals. Most animal prints like leopard has brown in it. You can rock animal print for a leveling out and balance in the upcoming year. Here is a super cute leopard party dress available from 2 to 12 here and plus size here

Gold for Wealth

Wear gold on New Year’s Eve to bring yourself wealth in the new year. Gold is color that you throw in with almost any New Year’s outfit. Throw on some glitter pumps with almost any color dress and you will bring wealth to you in the new year. Here are some gold dresses that you can get quickly with 2 day shipping. 

Wear gold on New Year’s Eve to bring yourself wealth in the new year


Nude for Class 

Classy and nude don’t really sound like they go together, but they do! If it makes you feel better, you can call the dress cream or beige. Wearing a nude dress on New Year’s Eve will bring you class in the upcoming year.

Wear Pink for Prosperity on New Year's Eve

Harmony and Hope with Green 

Green color symbolizes harmony and hope. Bright green symbolizes good health. Choosing a green party dress during the holiday season will take you from holiday parties to the new year with the same dress. Here is a beautiful green satin dress that will look fantastic as a New Year’s Eve Outfit. You can also wear an army green in the new year. Here are the colors that match army green

army green and turquoise

Yellow for Prosperity

Yellow is the perfect color for you if want to stand out this New Year’s Eve. You will definitely get noticed if you wear yellow. I believe that there is a yellow for everyone. There are so many shades that if try out a few against your skin, you will definitely find one that works for you.

My yellow is the rich mustardy color. It is not because of my hair color either, it is more my skin tone because I was able to wear it even when I had dark brown and black hair. 

Wear Yellow for Prosperity

Yellow for New Years Eve

Here are some yellow party dresses from ASOS with 2 day shipping & free returns. 


Dark Blue for Intimacy

Navy is an awesome color choice for New Year’s Eve because it means intimacy. If you would like intimacy in the new year, navy is the best color for you. Also, pale blue symbolizes tranquility and wealth during the upcoming year. Here are some navy party dresses to check out. 

navy new years eve dress

Find similar dresses from this same brand here. They are very well made and the inside is the softest thing in the world.

royal blue new years eve dress

Find similar royal blue dresses here. 

Navy is an awesome color choice for New Year’s Eve because it means intimacy

Purple for Respect in the New Year 

The New Year color purple will bring your respect in the upcoming year. 

Orange for Happiness

Coral, orange, and salmon all bring happiness in the new year. This is a summery group of colors that might be hard to find in wintery fabric. Corals and oranges look great with gold and navy. Navy is the lucky color for intimacy and gold is for wealth so it is never bad to add a gold clutch. 

What meaningful color are you wearing on New Year’e Eve? 


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