15 Ideas for January Nails 2020

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Wow!! I cannot believe it is January already!! I am so excited for the new year and starting everything fresh! Here are some fresh January nails for you to try out! 

These January nails are designed and created in collaboration with myself and Alyssa Sullivan from Alyssa Did My Nails (Insta – @alyssadidmynails and #alyssadidmynails). Some of the designs in collaboration with my friend, Kristy (@peaceloveandjoy_essentials) and Alyssa!! We spend a lot of time creating and thinking of ideas for nail art and designs and Alyssa executes them!! 

January Nails 2019

During January, in most places in the US, it’s pretty cold. In Florida, it’s relatively cold for us. January Nails to me are really winter nail art with out the festivity of Christmas. The only really big holiday in January is New Year’s Eve. 

Here are some winter January nail art ideas that will keep you in color designs until Valentine’s Day nails become popular. Check out our Valentine’s Day nail ideas here. (COMING SOON)

New Year’s Nails 

For New Year’s Eve, I recommend going sparkly and choosing your color based on the meaning and what it might bring you in the new year. I have an extensive post on New Year’s Eve Color Meanings here

Red Nail Art 

You can wear red to bring love and passion to your life. You can choose red underwear or red nails. This nail art is inspired by a Dolce & Gabbana print.

Designer Nails Dolce and Gabbana

Pink Nail Art 

Pink always looks awesome no matter what time of year. In January, you can mix it with cranberry or red for a winter nail art look.

Dark Red Nail Designs for fall nails

A nice muted pink looks lovely with rose gold for a subtle nail art.

Rose Gold Nails with blush for fall nails

Green Nail Art 

Rock green for harmony and hope. As you can see this nail design can be modified into the color scheme of your choice.

January Nail Art

Silver Nail Art 

These silver matte nails are a fun way to start the new year. The color silver is for modernism. If you are looking for a new edge in 2019, silver is a great choice.

Matte Grey nails for fall nail designs

Gold Nail Art

Wearing gold nail art is supposed to bring wealth in the new year. Pair it with red and pink and you have love and prosperity. What else could ask for?

Dark Red Nail Art with Mauve and Gold for fall nails

Blue Nail Art

This chevron nail art is my go choice for the new year. I just love these colors together in a chevron style nail art design.

Teal Fall Nail Art Designs chevron with gold and black and white with negative space - french manicure

Dark Blue Nails

Navy is an awesome color choice for your January nails because dark blue means intimacy. If you would like intimacy in the new year, navy or dark blue is a good choice.

Navy and Rose Gold Nails Chevron

White Nails

Rock sparkly white nails like these cute ones. White means peace and is a great choice in for January.

Gold Glitter Nails

Add a little gold glitter to the tip of you nails for New Year’s eve and all of January. It is a fun take on the classic french manicure.

Black & White Print

Kick start your Valentine’s celebration with black and white heart print nail art. This nail art looks great matte or shiny.

January National Holidays

During the month of January, there are a few national holidays that would work for nails art. Here are some of my favorites.

National Argyle Day 

I am dying to do an argyle print nail now that I know that there is a national argyle day. It’s so preppy and fun! I just love argyle print.

National Peach Melba Day – January 13

Peach Nail Art Designs for Fall Seasonal Fruit

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day – January 15 



National Florida Day – January 25

How cool is that there is a National Florida day? It might be off season for these nails, but Florida Nails like these flamingos and palm trees have a special place in my heart.

Banana Leaf Palm Tree Nail Art

Which January Nails are you favorite?

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