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OMG!! I am so over having bags under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get!  Well, I’m starting the new year with less baggage – at least under my eyes thanks to Lionesse Gem Skin Care.

Here are some of my faves from Lionesse Diamond Collection.  I will discuss my thoughts on the Lionesse Diamond De-Puffer, Lionesse Ultimate Diamond Lifting Mask, and the Diamond Rejuvenating Facial & Eye Masks.

Lionesse Gem Skin Care Review & Routine

Over the past few weeks, I have been using the Lionesse Gem Skin Care to bring my skin back to life. I took these pictures and did not edit them at all. I wish I could say that about all my photos. My skin usually needs some sort of touch up and editing. Today, as I am writing this post, I realized that there was no need for ANY touch ups. How amazing is that?

What is Lionesse?

Lionesse is a skin care company that utilizes gemstones in their beauty products. They believe in pampering yourself by indulging in Lionesse Gem skin care products. In fact, all of their products are infused with precious gems. Learn more about Lionesse here on their website.

Lionesse Gem Collections

Amber Collection

There are five Lionesse Gem skin care collections. They are the Amber Collection which is used with real Amber. Amber is believed to have healing and protective properties and was considered sacred. The Lionesse Gem Amber Collection will preserve your natural beauty, addressing skincare concerns around the eye area as well as gently removing impurities on the delicate facial skin.

Golden Sapphire Collection

The Gold Sapphire Collection is infused with gold sapphire. The gems are
believed to make skin clearer, smoother, and look more youthful, by encouraging a healthy shine, and revitalized complexion.

Black Onyx Collection

The Black Onyx Collection is infused with black onyx and other anti-aging ingredients. The black onyx is a gemstone that has been said to have a powerful protective energy and is used as an amulet to ward off harm. Black Onyx’s professed rejuvenating properties, combined with its purported ability to protect skin from pollution and other environmental threats, make it an awesome choice for skin care.

White Pearl Collection

The White Pearl Collection is a complete skincare system from Lionesse Gem. It is formulated to illuminate tired, fatigued skin with restorative ingredients like Pearl Powder, Vitamin A, C, & E, and botanical extracts.

Diamond Collection

Today we are reviewing the Lionesse Diamond Collection. We can attest to its amazing abilities. The Diamond Collection will transform your complexion to the radiance you desire. The most luxurious Lionesse collection will indulge even the most discriminating diamond lover. As a diamond lover myself, it holds up to the hype of its name.

Under Eye Bag Treatment

Under eye bags are genetic because I can see them in my daughter already. It is just something that my family suffers with no matter what. That is until I discovered the Lionesse Diamond De Puffer. This treatment not only works great, it works immediately and consistently over and over again. I have been using the Diamond Depuffer non-stop everyday since it arrived in the mail! Since so little of the product is need, the Diamond Depuffer bottle will last a long time.

What is the best product for bags under the eyes?

Diamond De-Puffer

The Diamond De-Puffer is the superstar for me! It completely relieves the baggage under my eyes!! It is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and Mica. 

You use a very small amount of the Diamond De-Puffer under your eyes using your ring finger press it in and let it dry before you put on any makeup.

How can I Depuff my eyes fast?

Lionesse Diamond De-Puffer reduces the puffiness of eyes in minutes. Use a small amount and allow to dry and your eyes will be less puffy.

How do you get rid of bags under the eyes quickly ?

You can get rid of bags under your eyes by using the Lionesse Diamond De-Puffer everyday in under your makeup. It is an instant eye bag removal cream.

Face Lift at Home

Being able to give yourself a face lift at home is every mom’s dream come true. We work long and hard hours to keep our house and family life go smoothly. A lot of times we forget about ourselves. It is time to start taking care of our skin and giving ourselves a face lift at home.

How to Give yourself a Face Lift at Home?

Us the Lionesse Ultimate Diamond Lifting Mask to transform your skin for 10 minutes once per week.

Lionesse Ultimate Diamond Lifting Mask 

Restore a more youthful, lustrous-looking you with Lionesse Diamond Ultimate Lifting Mask by Lionesse. This rich mask transforms before your eyes to bring luminosity and firmness to fatigued, lackluster skin.

How to Use Lionesse Ultimate Diamond Lifting Mask?

Use the Lionesse Diamond Lifting Mask once per week on cleansed skin. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Get the Lionesse Ultimate Diamond Lifting Mask here on their website and start your face lift routine at home as soon as possible.

Diamond Rejuvenating Facial & Eye Mask

The Diamond Rejuvenating Facial & Eye Mask are sparkly and ideal for making your skin glow.

The eye mask and face masks are formulated with the most indulgent and cutting edge ingredients! They both work to minimize the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, and other imperfections of the skin.

The package includes individually wrapped facial (14) and eye masks (12), enough for at least one luxurious spa-like experience each month.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is essential for younger looking skin. I know that you have heard of it! It is the protein in the body that builds healthy skin, bones, hair, and nails. It helps with healing. I drink Collagen in the morning to help with hair and skin. Also, I have made Collagen Gummy Bears to help with my daughter’s healing. She was injured last year and I wanted to do everything I possibly could to help her.

Loss of Collagen with Age

As we age, we produce less collagen and it begins to break down. This causes the hollows in the cheeks, sagging and wrinkles. The loss of collagen is said to start in your mid-twenties and continues throughout the remained of life. It is best to start using Collagen supplements and buying the best collagen mask you can.

Collagen Masks

A good collagen mask gives your skin a hydration boost and makes you look younger and fresher. The mask can also help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It is really worth spending time relaxing and laying down with a facial mask.

Collagens masks not only moisturize, they help restore and repair damage from environmental toxins, and potentially any self inflicted damage from UV rays, drinking alcohol, and smoking.

Diamond Rejuvenation Facial Mask

The amazing Lionesse Diamond Rejuvenation Facial Mask is amazing Collagen Mask that boosts hydration, diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps your skin glow and helps repair damage caused by environmental stressors.

Diamond Rejuvenation Facial Mask Ingredients

The Lionesse Diamond Rejuvenation Facial Mask has algae extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid, diamond powder, and lavender oil.

Algae Extract

The Lionesse Diamond Rejuvenation Facial Mask has algae extract. It helps firm, smooth, and re-texture skin and reduce inflammation, and wrinkles.

Lavender Oil

One of the super star ingredients in the Lionesse Diamond Face Masks and Eye Masks is Lavender Oil. Lavender Oil helps restore skin complexion, reduce acne, slow the aging process with powerful antioxidants. It also helps to heal burns and wounds and alleviate headaches and pain.

Hyaluronic Acid

The Diamond Face Masks and Eye Masks contain hyaluronic acid. This helps alleviate dry skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help speed up wound healing.

How to Use the Diamond Rejuvenation Facial Mask?

Apply the diamond facial mask to a freshly cleansed face. Lay down, relax , and leave the facial mask on for 15 minutes. At the end of 15 minutes, rinse off any leftover serum. For best results, use in combination with all the other Lionesse Diamond products for fresh skin.

Lionesse Diamond Eye Mask

The amazing Lionesse Diamond Rejuvenation Eye Mask is an amazing Collagen Mask that boosts hydration, diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps your under eye area glow and helps repair damage caused by environmental stressors.

Get the Lionesse Diamond Eye Mask with the Diamond Rejuvenation Facial Masks here on their website and start your revitalizing routine at home as soon as possible.

Diamond Rejuvenation Eye Mask Ingredients

The Lionesse Diamond Rejuvenation Eye Masks have algae extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid, diamond powder, and lavender oil.

How to Use the Lionesse Diamond Eye Masks?

Wash your face thoroughly prior to application of the eye mask. Take the eye mask out of the packaging, put under the eyes and relax. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse off. Use once every 4 weeks.

Get the most luxurious skin care on the market with the Diamond Face Masks, Eye Masks, and Under Eye Diamond De-Puffer from Lionesse Gem Skin Care

Skip the Instagram filter and get your Lionesse Gem Skin Care here. You will love it and it will make you look so much younger.

Follow Lionesse on Instagram @LionesseBeauty and on Facebook @LionesseBeauty.

Have you tried Lionesse Gem Skin Care? What do you think of the products?

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  1. Just reading about all the different collections and the gemstones that are in them is amazing. I have those big dark, puffy bags under my eyes sound likes they need these products………… WOW the all sound so good

  2. I love the way you have incorporated the holistic health benefits/ properties of gem stones to enhance your cosmetic products!

  3. Your skin looks so so good. Although oinsont really have bags, I do have horrible dark circles that are genetic in our family. I would love to try this line from your results.

  4. This was an amazing amount of great information, appreciate it! A nice summary of issues and products that will help keep skin looking its best. Would love to use the product to get rid of those pesky under the eye bags that plague my skin no matter how much sleep I get! thanks for the awesome reviews!

  5. Lionesse products sound great. I would love to try them because being in my 50’s I have been searching for products that work well on my skin.

  6. SCAM!!!! I felt so pressured while being told about this product! Then the product he used on my face was a Lionesse product but sold me a Celestolite product. Paid a fortune only to have the product not work as well once I got home ( probably because it wasn’t the same product)!! Went to get my money back and they don’t do that they only let you exchange it for another worthless or should I say “workless” product!!!


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