Tax Time Anywhere Anytime!

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Did you know that you can do your taxes where you want and when you want with H&R Block?! They have a wide variety of services, including an online DIY product, their brand-new virtual tax prep filing method – Tax Pro Go, or you can make an appointment to visit a local H&R Block tax office.

Tax Time Anywhere Anytime!

With my own business, getting my taxes done can be a stressful experience. All the deductions give me a headache. Instead of being stressed out, I love being able to chill with hot cocoa in my living room and get it all done with the help of H&R Block.

New Year’s Resolutions

January is the perfect time to start your year out fresh! My new year’s resolution is to get my taxes done and submitted before my daughter goes back to school. This way my head with stress up until April 15.

This year, I am using H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go service, where I can upload my forms online easily and a tax pro does the rest so I’m confident they were done right.  I even have the ability to hand select which Tax Pro that will be assisting me! I just put in my zip code, answered a few easy questions and I got to research several tax pros that specialized in small business to find one that was perfect for me!  With H&R Block’s dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable experts, I now have the opportunity to accomplish the first of my many 2019 goals! What are your goals for 2019? Once you have the first goal out of the way, you are in a good place to accomplish the rest of your goals for 2019!

Upfront Pricing

H&R Block has upfront, transparent pricing for all of their services and they will also get you your maximum refund, guaranteed. Since I hate bargaining for things and love to know what the price is going to be before I sign anything, this new pricing method is really valuable to me! I truly feel that H&R Block has my back, and with their assistance you’ll be on your way to your best tax filing experience yet!

Cheers to an awesome 2019 started on the right foot!  Get started on your taxes today with H&R Block!

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