12 Colors that Go with Red Clothes

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Matching red can be so much fun! We are super excited to share with you Colors that Go with Red Clothes.  

Red clothes seem to perplex most people! I know that I had trouble pairing my red bag with outfits until I planned them out. You need a plan of action to keep your red clothes in the everyday rotation. You can see all my red bag outfit ideas here

You can choose the best red for you based on your skin tone. I like to take pictures of myself in the red before I buy it to see if it is a good choice.My favorite way to try things on is at home with the help of Trunk Club. They send me a box every month and I pick out my favorites. This past month, I asked for a few red pieces to help me with Colors that Go with Red Clothes post. 

Colors that Go with Red Clothes

colors that go with red clothes


Red Dress with Gold

Metallics like gold allow red to shine by reflecting it back on itself. Nothing looking better with a red dress than a gold bag or gold shoes.

Colors that Go with Red Clothes

valentine's day red dresses

Get more dresses outfit ideas like this bright red dress from our 100 dress outfits post!

Rose Gold

You can also wear rose gold with your red dress it looks fantastic. I wore Rose gold jewelry, rose gold shoes, and rose gold bag with my red dress for New Year’s a few years ago.

Colors that Go with Red Clothes

Red Dress with Silver

You can also wear red and silver together because red silver reflects red and complements the color really well.

Black with Red

Red and black together is a normal choice. You might be tempted to wear a pair of black jeans and a red top together. My only concern is that it can look a little dated when paired together. It reminds me of the 2000s for some reason, but there is no denying that red and black look great together.

Here I mixed the textures to bring something new to the colour combination. Black is one of the top colors that go with red clothes.

colors that go with red clothes


Pairing Red and Green 

The colors for Christmas are red and green for a reason. These two colors are complementary Colors and by definition go together. The only problem is that primary red and primary green are known so much for Christmas that it is hard to wear the complementary colors any other time.

Although if you choose a red that is not traditionally a Christmas color you can find a complementary green that will work for you. For example, mint green and coral look great together but they don’t remind you of Christmas.

This black dress has a little bit of red and green in the flowers and brings in the bag color really well. 

primary and secondary color together

Pink with Red

Ever since I saw Sarah Jessica Parker wearing pink and red together I cannot stop thinking about wearing red and pink together. It is such a fun combination and the two colors stand out together. It looks fantastic and is a great choice for Valentine’s Day or any party. Get Valentine’s Day nail art inspiration here.

Pink with Red

Pink with the color red
White with Red Clothes

You can really add a pop of color to a white dress with a pair of red heels. Also, a red dress with white sunglasses or white accessories is super cute together and reminds me of the 1950s sock hop look. It’s a very vintage color combination that reminds me of red cars and white wall tires.

Red floral for Valentine's Day_-2

Red and White Outfit

red skirt with white topRoyal Blue with Red 

Of course, red looks fantastic with royal blue. Think about all those superheroes with the red and blue like Supergirl and Superman. Red white blue colour palette together work best during the summer and around the patriotic holidays like Fourth of July, Independence Day, Presidents’ Day election day, Veterans Day, and memorial day.

Navy with Red

If you’re going for a very nautical look, navy blue and red together look fantastic.

Colors that Go with Red Clothes like Navy Colors that Go with Red Clothes with navy top and jeans

Animal Print with Red 

When I think of animal prints like leopard, I automatically think of Red first. Red and leopard together have become kind of tacky in a way. You have to be careful on how much skin you show when you were are wearing leopard print.

Colors that Go with Red Clothes - leopard shorts and red top

You can grab this red top here

Black and White

You can also wear a black and white top with a beautiful red skirt for an awesome outfit that looks very put together.

Black and white polkadots look very cool together with Read. Think Mickey and Minnie and the vintage look that red black and white bring to an outfit.

Red with black and white clothes

These leggings are available here.

Grey with Red

Gray goes really well with a red dress or you can wear a A gray dress with the red bag. I have a pair of really cute jeans that are gray that look really nice with a red top. It is another neutral color that pier is really wrapped well with gray and red.

Colors that Go with Red Clothes - snow leopard and black jeansColors that Go with Red Clothes - grey sweater dress and red bagColors that Go with Red Clothes - grey leoaprd
What colors that go with red clothes that you like?

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  1. I love all the clothes. They all look beautiful. And love all the colors and the combinations. Awesome job. Thank you for all the ideas., from sexy, fun, elegant and comfortable looking. Thanks for sharing.


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