What Color Shoes Go with a Red Dress

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Do you have an awesome red dress that you want to wear wear all year? Today, we are discussing what shoe color shoes go with a red dress!


What Color Shoes Go with a Red Dress

What Color Shoes Go with a Red Dress

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What Color Shoes Go with a Red Dress

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Nude Shoes 

Nude Shoes with a red dress is classic and timeless. When you look at the red carpet gowns and dresses, you will see almost all celebrities wearing nude shoes. The reason being is that they let the dress shine. When you are wearing a gorgeous red dress, why would you want to distract from it?

What Color Shoes Go with a Red Dress

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I have a nude shoes obsession! I have 2 pairs of slightly different nude pumps, nude peep toes, nudge wedges, and studded Valentino pumps. These are just the ones that I would wear with a dressy dress. Don’t get me started with a summery red dress, I have an endless supply of nude sandals too!

What can I say? They go with everything and make getting dressed super easy.

valentine's day red dresses

Gold Shoes 

Gold is my go to color choice for a red dress during the holidays and for the fall and winter seasons. The color gold warms up the look with richness with competing for attention.


Rose gold

Rose Gold is another great choice for a red dress shoe and accessories. Similar to gold shoes, a pair of rose gold shoes will let the red shine! Rose gold is a more update choice because it has gotten extremely popular lately. Who knew?! Rose gold shoes have stolen my heart and have far surpassed silver shoes for me.

Red dress with rose gold

Red dress with gold shoes

Blush Shoes 

You can also wear blush shoes with a red dress. Since blush is a nude color, you can pull it off. 

Red Dress with Red Shoes 

Go for a monochromatic look by wearing red shoes with your red dress. It’s super fun and the colors don’t have to be a perfect match, but they should be in the same red color family. Bluish reds with the bluish red shoes and orange red with orange red dress.

It’s best to find the reds that best suit your skin tone and hair color and get shoes that match that color tone.

Camel Shoes 

For a casual red dress look that is kinda preppy, you can wear camel shoes. 

White Shoes 

During the summer and spring, you can wear your red dress with white shoes. A pair of white sandals are a very nautical choice for a red dress.

For a casual red dress, you can wear white sneakers. 

Navy Blue Shoes 

You can style your dress with navy shoes. It is a very nautical preppy look. It’s kinda casual, but looks fantastic for summer when water is everywhere!

red dress with navy shoes

Black shoes and red dress

The list of shoes for a red dress would not be complete without black shoes! They are classic and look fantastic with red. My only gripe is that its too expected, but whatever who cares?! If you have a pair of black shoes you love, put them on and rock em with your red dress.

Right now, I have no fun black shoes that would go with a red dress other than black sneakers. I’ve been hunting and haven’t fallen in love!

Black White Shoes 

A black and white heeled sandal is an alternative to black for your red outfit.

Fun Color Shoes that go with Red

Pink Shoes 

You can get really crazy and wear a pair of pink shoes with your red frock. They are bolder than black. 

Yellow Shoes 

Red and yellow go great together since they are both primary colors. They are also on the triad on the color wheel. The original triad of colors is red, yellow, and blue primary colors. They always look fantastic together, but since they are so primary, all three together reminds me of school.

You find the best yellow for your red dress using Kuler. Most bright yellows will look great with a red dress.

Electric Blue Shoes

Since blue is a primary color too, it looks fantastic with red. On the color wheel, red and blue are on the triad of color combos like yellow.


What color shoes will you wear with your red dress?

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