Valentines Day Cards

What better way to tell someone you love them than with a Valentine’s Card made from the heart? This is a simple and creative card fit for anyone you love.

Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Day Cards

Tools & Supplies 
2 plain colored pieces of thick paper
Valentines Paper
Step 1: Begin by making the envelope. Cut the paper so that it is a square. Lay it down so that it is diamond shaped and fold the two sides in as well as the top and bottom. I overlapped them a bit and cut out the parts that overlapped as you see in the picture.
How to Make an Envelope
Step 2: Glue the bottom of the left and right flap and bring the bottom flap over them. Press down and hold for a few seconds.
Valentine's Envelope DIY Step 3: To make the inside lining of the envelope, place the Valentine’s designed paper face down. Trace the envelope (with the top open). Cut the paper out slightly smaller than what you traced. Apply glue and insert the paper in the envelope. Press down and hold for a few seconds.
Heart Envelope

Step 4: Close the top of the envelope and trace it onto a plain colored piece of paper. Cut out the rectangle slightly smaller than what you traced so it will fit into the envelope.

Step 5: Get creative! I cut out different sized hearts from the designed paper I had. I also used a fine tip black sharpie and added the word Love, some hearts and some squiggly lines. Make sure to leave some space for a personal note to your loved one!

Valentines Card DIY

Valentines Day Cards - easy DIY from blogger April Golightly

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