DIY: Necktie into Bangle

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Menswear is a huge trend this season that I wanted to try without spending a fortune.  This project cost me about $6 dollars to accomplish. I purchased the bangle from Bealls Outlet for $2.99.  I chose to purchase it from Bealls Outlet instead of a craft store as it is sometimes cheaper to buy discount jewelry than to buy a plain one from a craft store.  The cheapest bangle I found at the craft store was $3.49 and it was thinner than the one I got from Bealls Outlet.  I used an piece of jean for the lining.  Jeans are very durable and I always keep the fabric around for projects. This particular piece of fabric was from a pair of Levis that I turned into cutoffs over the summer. Enjoy and let me know if you have any question in the execution.

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