DIY Paper Towel Holder

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Now that my daughter is fully potty trained, I reusing her diaper changing table caddy for a DIY Paper Towel Holder.
I like being able to use paper towels in the bathroom so that the germs from hand washing goes in the trash rather than on a towel. It is very odd, but I cannot keep a towel in the bathroom for the life of me.

DIY paper towel holder  (1 of 1)

paper towel holder (1 of 2)
Double Box Tops (1 of 5)
Double Box Tops (2 of 5)
Double Box Tops (4 of 5)

We used the Dory Kleenex Boxes as  food stands for our Dory Party. They were a big hit and then we used them for tissues in the house.
As you can see I have really been getting use out of this changing table caddy. I used it for the the condiments at the party..


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