Walgreens Holiday Solutions: DIY Photo Gift Tags

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Walgreens Holiday Solutions DIY Photo Gift Tags

Packing might not seems that important to gift giving, but trust me it makes an impression. I recently bought myself a pair of designer sunglasses and the packing that it came made me smile. I haven’t even worn the glasses yet, but I know they are waiting for me in pretty wrapping. It makes me giddy with excitement to think about it.

DIY Gift Tags, #shop

How awesome would it be to make your friends and family as excited as I am to open my new sunglasses? It’s even more exciting because your friends and family will not know what they are receiving and the wrapping just is a glimpse at what awesomeness might be inside.

How to Make your own photo gift tags, #shop

Great gift wrapping can be accomplished with the right tools and a little creativity. Walgreen’s made it very easy to come up with ideas with all kinds of crafty goodies like cool Sharpies, 1 hour photo printing, and cool wrapping paper.

Supplies & Tools:

  1. At least 2 Contrasting Wrapping Papers
  2. Hole Puncher
  3. Printed Out
  4. Glue Stick
  5. Tape
  6. Scissors
  7. Sharpie
  8. Small Strings

Supplies and Tools for DIY Photo Gift Tags #shop

First, choose contrasting wrapping paper that will look cool layered over each other. Choose inexpensive holiday cards that look good with the wrapping paper. I purchased wrapping paper for .99 cents per roll and $1.99 for Christmas cards. Then I picked out a picture that the gift recipients would appreciate.  I chose a family picture because the gifts that I was wrapping were for my mother and Cami’s grandmother. If you are putting together a gift for a friend, it would be nice to print out pictures of you and you’re friends. I came up with this idea the day I chose the picture which was fine because I just loaded the picture up to the Walgreens website and choose express service so that the pictures were ready in an hour. I spent .20 cents per picture. I got the idea for this craft from the Walgreens holiday catalog.

Choose Contrasting Wrapping Paper #Shop

Let’s start by working on the gift tag itself and then we’ll work on getting the gift tag onto the present. First, cut out the photo to a square or a rectangle. Obviously, rectangles are easier to cut free hand.

Family photo DIY, #shop

Next, place the photo over the holiday card to decide which pattern looks best as a frame for your photo. I used the windows to frame the picture and left a small 1/4 inch lip going all the way around. You can go bigger or smaller. Get creative with the holiday card and photo combo. You can probably get 2 to 3 tags out of each card or even more if you use the back of the card as a frame.

Do It Yourself Photo Christmas Present Tags, #shop

Glue the photo to the photo to the cut our frame with a glue stick. This DIY is definitely a kid friendly craft.

DIY Holiday Craft #shop

Punch a hole in the upper left corner through the photo and the holiday card.

how to make gift tags, #shop

Write a special message on the back of the DIY gift tag using a holiday color Sharpie.

Personal Message DIY Gift Tags, #shop

Wrap the gifts in contrasting wrapping paper. Use the extra paper to make wrapping paper table runner or gift runner. I am adding that one to Urban Dictionary. Fold the gift runner in three so that it can go all the way around the gift like a ribbon would. We are using the gift runner in place of ribbon which can get expensive and requires bow tying skills not everyone has.

Cool Inexpensive Wrapping Paper Ideas, #shop

Wrap the extra wrapping paper around the center of the present and secure with tape.

Fun Wrapping Paper Ideas #shop

Punch a hole in the outer layer of wrapping paper in an inconspicuous place like in the middle of a snow flake or candy, even an eye would be cool. I realized after I did this the first time that it is easier to punch the hole before you wrap the gift runner around the present.

Easy Wrapping Paper Ideas, #shop

Secure the DIY Photo Gift Tag to the gift using a small string, ribbon, or even a hair elastic. I save all  little strings from nice shopping bags and clothing tags. My gift tag strings are recycled, but you can buy ribbon or yarn if you don’t have little strings saved like me. 🙂 Custom Gift Tags #shop

I don’t know about you, but I am addicted to Pinterest. Here is a pretty pinnable image so you can share this DIY Photo Gift Tag with other crafty gals on Pinterest. 🙂

DIY Photo Gift Tags #shopLet me know if you have any questions about the DIY in the comments below.

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  1. I love wrapping my gifts with contrasting wrapping papers. The personalized tags are adorable. I will have to try this!

  2. This is genius and seems like something even the uncrafty girls (like myself) are capable of doing well! #client


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