DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

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DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

By Emily Creswick of Zillow

For the discerning fashionista, ensuring ample closet space for clothing and extensive shoe collections is a must. Overstocking a closet creates disorganization, clutter and stress in a living space that should provide relaxation and comfort. While renovating or looking for a new home with more closet space are viable options, both considerations require significant financial investments and may create timing constraints or the inconvenience of moving.

DIY SHoe Racks

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To solve the closet space crisis and avoid culling a precious collection, check out these cost-effective and creative solutions to optimize space and add storage for shoes.

1. Optimize Space

Make the most out of available space by attaching a shoe organizer to existing closet rods or hang over closet doors. Shoe organizers are available in different sizes and lengths, fitting most closets, and are perfect for storing flat shoes and sneakers. For heeled shoes, create railing storage using horizontally-mounted tension rods or temporary adjustable curtain rods in between cupboard units. Utilize available space in a walk-in closet by drilling a strip of crown molding to the wall to create more hanging storage for heels.

2. Use Existing Home Items

Neatly store winter boots in pairs using clip-hangers and hang at the back of the closet throughout the warmer months. For quick and easy storage of summer shoes such as flip flops and sandals, add a letter organizer or kitchen plate rack to the closet floor or shelf. The dividers keep smaller shoes neatly in pairs for easy access on the run.

3. Take a Fashionable Approach

Lean an ornate ladder against the bedroom wall and hang pretty heels and matching accessories off the rungs for both storage and artistic design. For bulk shoe storage, add a chest or ottoman with a removable lid to the bedroom. These protect larger boots and boxed shoes without adding clutter. Wicker baskets add a fashionable touch to the bedroom and create a quick and easy storage spot for everyday ballet flats and sandals.

4. Recycle and Customize

Empty wine boxes with bottle dividers make great storage solutions for flat shoes. Personalize by wrapping with decorative paper and store under the bed. Wooden wine crates also create great shoe storage space. Customize with paint or a treatment to match the current décor. To attach heavy crates to walls, use a stud finder to locate the sturdy point of the wall, and fasten with brackets, anchors and screws.

These solutions are cost-effective, easy to install or fit and are achievable in any home. To get more closet inspiration ideas and check out dream closet designs, visit Zillow Digs.

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