Stylish Staycation – W Hotel

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Stylish Staycation – W Hotel

Services and accommodations were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I am feeling recharged and fabulous after my stylish staycation at the W Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach. It is an unbelievable property that is about 30 minutes from my house, but it felt like I had been whisked away to exotic beach somewhere in the Caribbean or Europe even. The style and class of the place was evident in every corner of the hotel.




Photos above taken by Shanna Ferris.

When my husband and I arrived we entered into a sexy lobby and a well dressed (wearing an LV tie!) concierge who took care of us. Then, when got up to the room, there were rose petals wishing us a happy 2nd anniversary. The room is a simple design that made if comfortable to sleep and I would love to have my bedroom look like it. It is classic, clean, and comfortable. Everything a sleeping sanctuary should be. The balcony and the view were unbelievable!

Stylish Staycation W Hotel

Stylish Staycation W Hotel-6

Karina Dress Burst_

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 A W Hotel Room with a View

From our room the view looked over the Atlantic ocean. We could see the waves lapping up on the beach as the sun shone from the west over the glimmering waves. Only the east facing rooms in Tower 1 really get to appreciate this particular view, but if you have the means, I give the view from those rooms my full recommendation.

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The Room Service at the W Hotel

When we arrived at our room we were exhausted. We were without puppy or munchkin but it was the end of the week and work at taken it’s toll! It was only natural that we collapsed onto the super comfy bed, opened the shades to see the magnificent view and dialed for room service. The phone was answered by a pleasant operator and I placed our order. My husband ordered a Spicy Chicken Flatbread, and I ordered a Chicken Pot Pie. Within 45 minutes an attendant was at our door with a tray of our goodies.

Room service food at most places is hit or miss. At the W, it was magnificent. We gobbled down the pot pie and flatbread with little regard for calories. We were on vacation! It was totally worth kicking off our shoes and ordering in on that first night, if only to experience the simple pleasure of room service at the W.

W hotel room service-3

W hotel room service-2

W hotel room service

The Pool at the W Hotel

The pool is so cool, pardon the rhyme. On the fifth floor of the hotel there is a giant pool with a bar and a party atmosphere. We spent some time at the pool before my trip to the spa, and it was refreshing and relaxing. The bottom of the pool is glass, allowing people on the floor below (in the Living Room) to be able to see the fun that’s happening up in the pool. The staff at the pool is helpful and kind, and are willing to track down a place to sit for you. This is great because when you first arrive at the pool, it can be overwhelming to try to find empty chairs in the middle of the sea of people lounging about.

Stylish Staycation W Hotel-7

The Restaurants at the W Hotel

When picking a name for a restaurant, there’s not much more bold than to put Steak right in the title. Steak954 (the name derived from “steak” + the broward county area code), provides a elegant dining and delicious, sumptuous food. Our first experience there was at brunch on Saturday, where my husband and I enjoyed delicious twists on brunch standbys. That night we made a return trip to sample their dinner menu, and it was marvelous. I sliced into a New York Strip that is mouth watering to think about even now, and my husband had a savory Filet Mignon. His face when he bit into it was priceless! We ordered the Truffled Mac and Cheese on the side, as well as a stuffed hash brown. They did not disappoint. We gorged and on the delicious meal and ended up sleeping the rest of the night off in a blissful food coma back in the room.

Stylish Staycation W Hotel-5

Book your stylish staycation at the W Hotel Fort Lauderdale or another one of their fabulous locations. I have been 2 in Manhattan and they are fabulous! I am dying to see the W Hotels in Doha, Quatar; Santigo, Chile; and Milan, Italy.  There are a tons of W Hotels in the U.S. so you can have a stylish staycation in Arizona, California, DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnisota, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Texas, and Washington.

Do you need a stylish staycation? Have you been to a W Hotel?

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16 thoughts on “Stylish Staycation – W Hotel”

  1. I spent a night in Fort Lauderdale the night before a cruise several years ago. It’s really nice there. This hotel looks awesome, and that food looks to die for!

  2. I stayed at the W in Seattle and also in New York. They were equally magnificent! The service was outstanding!

  3. Happy anniversary! We stayed at a condo when we were in Ft. Lauderdale; it was quite a drive to get to the beach. I would much prefer a room like this!


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