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My wedding was one of the most amazing days of my life, but I honestly barely remember it because it was such a world-wind. I’m able to relive the big day with my incredible wedding video. My videographer captured a story that makes strangers tear up. I think that is how you know when you have a professionals film maker working on your wedding film…when strangers laugh or cry when they watch it.

Documentary Wedding VideoMy husband is just such a filmmaker. He has 2 Bachelors, one in History and the other in Communications and a Masters of Fine Art in Film and Television Production. He can tell a compelling story with film that makes people weep and laugh in the same breathe. Sometimes, I get to help him capture precious moments in time. We recently worked on a documentary wedding video together. First, we took video the day of the wedding and then we went over to the couple’s house to talk to them about the wedding day and their relationship.

When Erik Met Mary from Kevin Erhard of SunStone Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

A documentary wedding video delves into the relationship and the couple more than any other wedding video. You really get to know the couple on a personal level when watching it. You can send the link to your friends and family that have never met your significant other to help them get to know you as a couple.

We talk to the couples before the wedding to get to know them and figure out what type of wedding video works best for them. The documentary wedding video question reflect the personality of the people. The couple can talk about whatever they want to. Mary and Erik talked about how they met and how Erik proposed. Couples can talk about the wedding planning or we can do a shortened version of How I Met Your Mother. Mary and Erik reminded us of When Harry Met Sally so we used that movie as inspiration for the film. If you have a favorite movie, TV show or song, we can use that to inspire the video.

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