Top Tips for Finding Jeans That Fit Your Curves

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Top Tips for Finding Jeans That Fit Your Curves by Megan Barnes is a passionate stylist. She loves blogging about classic looks and flattering wardrobes for the everyday woman.

If you’re petite, you may inspire the protective instinct in men and women alike.  People use words like “cute” and “youthful” to describe you and your looks. As a result, jeans should be a natural for you. The problem is that too often the jeans you love seem to be made for women who are six inches taller than you are. You don’t have to give up on wearing jeans or resign yourself to cutting off every pair that you purchase. By following a few simple tips, you will find those just-right jeans for your figure and your style.

Top Tips for Finding Jeans That Fit Your Curves

Get a Precise Fit

You already know that you are short, but you need more information to determine whether you actually have legs that belong to a model but a short torso. Perhaps you are in proportion height wise, but you have a surplus of junk in the trunk. An electronic “fitting” from a Bodymetrics device uses 3-D images to recreate a model of your body.  The model is then matched with items available in a particular store that should flatter your shape. The matching recommendations are sent to you by email, allowing you to “try on” different styles in the comfort of your own home.

Once you find styles that you like, you make a trip to the store where you try on your selections in person. If you still like the choices you made at home, you can match them with blouses, jackets, shoes and accessories to create entire ensembles. In the meantime, the results of your scan and your shopping session can be stored so that you have an easy reference for use when you make future shopping trips.

Think Beyond Blue

Many petite women complain that they are not taken seriously. If you face the same issues, you can help counteract this image by dressing more like a grownup. This does not mean that you have to give up wearing jeans. Instead, think beyond washed out blue jeans and try sophisticated colors such as black or grey jeans. Match them with a simple blouse and a classic jacket and you will have an office-worthy look that also looks great for dining out or relaxing at a nightclub.

For more casual outings, go ahead and grab a pair of classic blue denim jeans, but opt for a darker blue rather than an outdated acid wash. You can dress up your jeans with a blouse or sweater, or dress them down with a t-shirt.  Either way, you will look laid back and relaxed, but not like a teenager hanging on to every word of her latest celebrity crush.

Lengthen Your Legs

For many women, the number one complaint is that the inseams for jeans are just too long for them. If you are generally thin, try skinny jeans to create the look of a long and lean torso. Matched with a cute top and flats, and you have a date-worthy look that will catch the eye of your date. Another way to give the illusion of height is to pair boot cut jeans with heeled wedgies – you’ll add height without sacrificing walking comfort.

If you’re petite and curvy with a small waist, try high waisted jeans that show off your tiny waist and your bodacious bottom.  Don’t worry about looking like you’re wearing “mom jeans.” The new high waisted styles have thoroughly modern styling. If you’re a bit thicker through the waist, no worries. Go with moderately low-rise jeans that show off your curves without drawing unwanted attention to your middle.

Balance Your Torso

Many petite ladies have short torsos that make them look heavy even when they are thin. If this is the case for you, high waisted jeans have no place in your wardrobe. Instead, stick with mid-rise and low-rise jeans that lengthen your torso and make your figure appear to be more in proportion. Boot cut jeans, preferably with heels or wedges also help balance out your figure. Proper fit is essential. Clothes that are too baggy will drown your small frame. On the other hand, “baby” tops or anything that is too frilly may be too juvenile for you.  If you want to go bare, emphasize elegant collarbones or slender arms rather than calling attention to your midsection.

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  1. look i am 33 yrs old i have to go to the junoirs dept to get my jean and it suck becuase most of them have designs or glitter


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