Downtown West Palm Beach Vacation Plan

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Downtown West Palm Beach is an incredibly fun place to plan a vacation or even a staycation if you are local. Today, I am going to dive into a complete long weekend Downtown West Palm Beach Vacation Plan letting. This will make it super easy for you to take the stress of planning out of your weekend vacation.

Day 1

Pack a Swim Bag

Start your day by checking in early at the Hilton West Palm Beach. Sometimes they can get you into your room early so that you can spend your day at the pool. Just in case you cannot check in early, I recommend packing a swim bag for you and the family so that you can hand your luggage over to the desk, get changed and hop into the Hilton Pool. They have a ton of cool floats and a shallow area for you and the kids to hang out. It is an Instagram fan’s heaven with all the photo ops.

Brunch at Manor

To make life easiest on your first day of vacation, eat lunch by the pool or at Manor. We ate under the umbrella’s outside at Manor. They have a cute couch area where you can relax and eat fantastic food. We had Apple Pie Waffles, Nutella French Toast, and Spicy Avocado Toast! It was all top notch and delicious!

Check In & Unpack

After lunch, you can head up to the front desk to see if your room is ready or if you are already checked in, you can go up and change.

Light Shopping and Dinner

After you are all changed and refreshed, you can pop over to City Place for some light shopping before dinner. My favorite stores are H&M, Charming Charlie, Anthropologie.


If you are looking for light browsing, the Restoration Hardware is a must see. They are building a new one, and I cannot wait to see the Restoration Hardware Mansion.

For Dinner at City Place, you have so many choices, one of my favorites for a family fun dinner is Cabo Flats. They have colorful decor that will make for excellent photo ops too.


Day 2


We grabbed a quick breakfast and coffee at Provisions in the lobby of the Hilton West Palm Beach.

Pool Time

After we had grabbed a quick bite, we laid by the pool for a bit and then I went in. My daughter will live in the pool if I let her. This pool is perfect because of the shallow parts allowing them to play even if they cannot swim.

Lunch Time in Northwood Village

We took an Uber to Northwood Village to try Relish! It is a fantastic burger place that serves everything from Beef to Bison with really cool toppings. You will be blown away by all the options!

After our burger, we had milk shakes! OMG, the milkshakes were the best I have ever had. We took them to go after so that we drank them as we walked around the Northwood Village.


Local Shopping

As we were walking around the up and coming super cute neighborhood, we found this cute jewelry store called Wanderer bracelets. The bracelets are made in Bali by local women that support their family. My daughter and I got match Lotus bracelets! On the wall of the store, there is a beautiful graffiti mural that is the perfect backdrop for family photos!

Clematis Street

After walking around for a bit, we took an uber to Clematis Street to walk around, check out the water, and look at the fountains. They have some awesome historical sites like E.R. Bradleys that is near the waterfront and the awesome waterfront park.

Take the Trolley

We picked up the trolley right by E.R. Bradleys and were dropped off in City Place. We walked around a bit more and had Rita’s Italian Ice. What can I say, we have love to try different foods!


Back in the Pool

Yes, we changed and went back to the pool to relax for a bit. This time my husband and I switched back and forth in the hot tub while the other played and watched my daughter.

Dinner Delivery

For dinner, we had Mellow Mushroom pizza delivered. Their pretzels are amazing and not to be missed!


We had a blast on our vacation in Downtown West Palm Beach. We will definitely be back!


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