How to Host a Wine Party

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Today we are going to discuss how to host a wine party and how to make sure that your wine does not go to waste after you are done with the wine party.

Select a Theme

You want to choose a theme for the party. You ought to choose a region or choose different wines made from the same grape. During the summer time, it is best to select light wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Rose’ and Prosecco. You do not need to buy expensive wines, with a little research you can find delicious wines in the $10 to $20 range.

Blind Tasting

It is fascinating to see what people enjoy without labels. I know that some of my favorite wines are under $20, but I would never have known without blind tasting! Allow your guests to figure out what they love!

Palate Cleanser

For a palate cleanser, serve chilled water and flavor neutralizers like water crackers and plain bread.

Decor & Glasses

A crisp white tablecloth or butcher paper sets a sophisticated mood. The best glass choice is an all-purpose wine glasses that are narrower at the rim in comparison to the bowl. They need to be large enough to allow for a swirl. For sparkling wines, choose traditional flutes.

Also, provide spit buckets that don’t look like a pitcher to make sure people don’t accidentally drink it.

Go Over How to Taste Wine

Wine-tasting is a skill that not everyone knows. Feel free to give your guests a refresher filled with keywords to help them describe what they are experiencing. Start by whirling and tilting the wine in the glass. Set the glass on the table and with your hand at the base of the glass, give your wine a swirl. This is when you notice the color, opacity, and viscosity aka wine legs.

Next, take a sniff of the wine. Don’t be afraid to make noise when drinking. Slurping sucks air into your mouth, so aromas and flavors become more detectable. Familiar smells are fruits like berries, cherries, and citrus; florals and herbs; earthy scents, like soils, minerals, or rocks; spices and foods like vanilla, pepper, chocolate, and coffee come from the wooden barrels used to age the wine.

After you smell the wine, take a sip and let the wine linger in your mouth. Roll the wine in your mouth exposing the taste to all your taste buds. Ask yourself what initial flavors stand out and do you like it? Tell your guests to feel free to spit out the wine. Spitting can be an important part of wine tasting.

After you take your first taste, aspirate the wine by pursing your lips like you are about to whistle. Draw air into your mouth and then exhale through your nose. This helps open up even more flavors.

Your second sip is going to be more like a slurp with air coming into your mouth in with the wine.

The Pour

One or 2 ounces is the perfect pour for tasting each wine. Start with the lightest wine and work your way up to more full-bodied wines. Consider starting the evening with a Champagne or sparkling wine with a fun toast to the gathering of friends!

Record Impressions

Ask guests to record impressions and flavors of each wine on notecards, and give some time in between tasting to discuss your findings. After the final tasting, take a vote on the favorites before revealing each wine label.

Food Choices

As the wine party continues, you can continue assessing the wines. Some wines will grow richer flavors from aeration and others will lose their flavor.

Menu Ideas

For light summer wines, smoky grilled foods like white fish, chicken breast, and vegetables pair well. Pasta Primavera is complemented by a light white wine and heavier dishes, like steak, a bold red wine is the right choice.

Save Your Wine

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How to use the zzysh®

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