5 Easter Outfit Ideas

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Easter is my favorite fashion holiday! Spring dress and hats are the most fun things to wear for me. Wearing spring dresses, pearls, and large sunglasses actually helped me get the name April Golightly. In college, my wardrobe mostly consisted of these items. A guy in one of my classes started calling Little Miss April Golightly with the “Asian” accent from the movie. Other students started calling me that and it just stuck. I have come a long way in my taste since then, but I still adore the Holly Golightly look and dressing up for Easter.


Holly Golightly for Easter



Rock and Roll Neon and Hot Pink


Yellow Hot for Spring


Mint Green Spring Outfit


Blue Spring Floral

Which Outfit is Your Favorite? What are you wearing for Easter?

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32 thoughts on “5 Easter Outfit Ideas”

  1. The last one seems most “Easter appropriate”. I love the 1st one, but can’t see strapless flying in church or for egg hunts… course I’m a bit top heavy, so might be biased. 😉

  2. Love Outfit 5! Me, probably something wintery yet LOL – we still have snow on the ground here…sigh…


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