The Carrie Diaries Inspired DIY

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I have been watching the Carrie Diaries since it came out.  It has filled the hole in my teen drama TV schedule  that the end of Gossip Girl created.  Naturally, it’s also spurred me on to re-watch Sex and the City.  I had forgotten how much I loved those 4 girls! The Carrie Diaries is not much like SATC, but it has lust-worthy fashion of the 80s that I miss. I could never imagine missing the 80s, but as with all fashion, there will always be a recycle of trends. Of course, there have been modifications of the 80s look. Carrie wears updated 80s clothing, but her co-stars wardrobe is straight out of the decade of indulgence.


Ingredients for The Carrie Diaries Inspired DIY

1. Paint
2. Paint Brushes, one for each color
3. Black Purse and Black Pumps
4. Large Garbage Bag
5. Gloves
6. Paint can opener or butter knife
7. Paint clothes that can get paint on them




I chose several color from Lowe’s. Some were from a Pantone, however I feel the best colors were found in the mistakes section. And you can get cans for extremely cheap! Sometimes the ugliest colors look great mixed in these splatter projects. If there is an accent color you want to include, spend extra on that color, otherwise grab up the mistakes. You can find them from $1.00 to $5.00 per can!

Step 1
Cut open the garbage bag. Lay out the large garbage bag to cover your work area. Use the paint cans to hold down the edges of the garbage bag.

Step 2
Open the paint cans one at a time and flick paint onto the purse. Also, hold the paint brush over the purse and tap the brush with the other hand.

Step 3
Let the purse dry overnight!



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21 thoughts on “The Carrie Diaries Inspired DIY”

  1. I love the purse! Seriously love it. I think I’m going to head over to Goodwill to find an old leather purse to experiment with!

  2. This is so cute! And thanks for the tip on the mistakes, as the only thing better than a cute DIY project is one that’s not too pricey.


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