Easy Breezy Maxi

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Easy Breezy Maxi
Easy Breezy Maxi
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Hello Sassy People!
My name is Dawn, my friends and family, call me Dee. I am a South Florida Fashion and Beauty Blogger, and the owner/founder of the blog, Simply Sassy’s Style, www.simplysassysstyle.blogspot.com. I am a true lover of fashion, and since joining the South Florida Beauty and Fashion Bloggers Group, I am not venturing out to the beauty side of the industry. I established SSStyle in 2012 as a form of expression, not realizing how amazing this entire journey would be.
I would consider myself pretty versatile when it comes to my style of dress, but I always seem to go back to the maxi. I put some thought into why, and the reasons that pop into mind are: Comfortable, stylish, cute and versatile. I love the comfort of a maxi, because there are times when I am not feeling that comfortable in my skin, so I look to the maxi for comfort. They are also great when you go out to eat, and you need to camouflage your middle section after over indulging…LOL. I also love the fact that you can look stylish and cute with little effort, and by adding an easy breezy pair of flip flops, or a pair of cute wedges, you can change your entire look in a matter of seconds.
Since I was running errands this day, I decided to pair my maxi with curly hair, silver large hoop earrings, and a few silver necklaces. I also, wore a black shell and black wedges. I wanted to keep the makeup really light, so I only put a little eye makeup on with shimmery lip gloss. I guess you could say I was in an easy breezy mood!
I would love to hear how you guys would style your maxi. Please leave comments and let us know.
Thanks April for having me as a guest on your blog.


Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy!

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