Gifting a Memory + DIY Gift Wrapping Ornament

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Your sense of smell can trigger the strongest memories. With just one whiff, you can whisked back to a child memory that is long forgotten. I would not have believed the power of smell if I hadn’t experienced it myself. I was sitting on my Uncle’s couch years ago in his new at the time house. As I was sitting their, I grabbed a pillow to lean against and was immediately transported to my Grandfather’s home in Long Island. His home had a distinctive smell and the couch had brought the smell all the way too sunny South Florida. It brought back lovely memories of many happy holidays, swimming in the summers, and learning how to ride a bike that I will never forget.


Perfume and cologne has the same power to transport you to memories of times gone by. Why not make an impact on your friends and family by wearing or giving a signature scent to your hubby or other men in your life. There is huge selection of gift set perfume and colognes online. I know how hectic holiday shopping can be, and trying to figure out the perfect gift for everyone in your family can be stressful, buying perfume Gift Sets bring ease to gift buying.

DIY Gift Wrapping Ornament

Wrapping ornament DIY


Tools & Supplies

Small piece of plaid fabric
Red Felt
Fabric Glue
Needle &  Tread
Thin red ribbon
1 in red ribbon
Pillow stuffing
Round Stud Spikes


Print the printable (download here) and cut out the bird.
Pin the bird paper cut out the plaid fabric.

DIY bird ornament
Cut out 2 birds out of the plaid fabric.
Pin the wig paper cut out the felt.
Cut out 2 wigs out of the felt.

bird ornament diy
Add round stud spike into an eye area.
Glue the bird together along the edge leaving a finger size hole at the top to stuff the bird with pillow stuffings.
Glue the wing on the side of the bird.
Let the glue dry for a few hours.
Stuff the bird with pillow stuffings.

ornament diy ornament diy tutorial
Using a thin ribbon tie it together and stick the knot into the top of the bird.
Sew the bird and the ribbon into the bird with thread that will blend into the plaid.
Draw 2 lines across the wing with little slashes.
DIY ornament
Wrap the present by tying a ribbon around the present the way I did here, start with the ribbon across the bottom the present.
Flip the present over and cross the two pieces.
Slide the bird ornament on the ribbon.
Flip the present over to secure the ribbon with tape.
Instead of adding a gift tag, I put a small card under the ribbon crossing. I feel that is more personal and stylish that way.

ornament tutorial

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DIY Gift Wrapping Ornament

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DIY Gift Wrapping Ornament

Find more ways to gift a memory this holiday season!

Now that I have shared my secret wrapping creation, what cologne or perfume are going to use on this Christmas?


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